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Is it a waste for highly educated mums to stay home and look after her kids?

After all that money and time spent on higher education, does it all ‘end’ at home with the kids?


Waste not, want not…

Yes I think it is a waste unless it is impossible to find someone reliable to take care of the children. Current cost of living is high. I believe as women, we should not be dependent on our husbands especially financially. Having a pay slip makes you feel much more in control and you have the freedom to spend on what you like.

Mums who have a job do not necessarily work the whole day. Full time working mums do still take paid or unpaid leaves to tend to their children when needs arise. It is good to have a job or a small business to generate some income. Yes, we mums love our kids, but the fact still remains that mums need money (for themselves) too. Besides, this way, both parents are equally responsible for the well-being of their children, not just the mother. – Colina You


Certainly not!

I don’t think it is a waste. Kids end up getting more attention from their mum and she can closely monitor their development. Highly educated mums can still embark in jobs from home to increase the family income while being close to the kids. – Nurul Othman

It’s better to stay close to our kids and spend more time to bond and build a good relationship with them. It is definitely not a waste for during that time we can also plan a future career or embark in online businesses and so on. – Koo Pui Yee

No, it’s not a waste. Stay-at-home mums can be the best foundation for the next generation. Who better than a baby’s own mum to give the best love and learning environment? Working mums still can go back to work a few years later. – Mei Mei Ng

The bringing up of children is MORE IMPORTANT than anything! These days, we simply cannot trust outsiders such as nannies to bring up our kids. – Lem Sheau Lee


Knowledge transfer – How good or bad can it be? I know of highly-educated mums who are still clueless as stay-at-home mums. It’s not like they are able to teach their kids any better. The kids will be better off sent to daycare actually, where the teachers are trained to do a better job. – Joanne Wye.

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