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Values for Children to Live By

All parents would want to see their children grow up with good life principles and ethics which will hopefully help them live a more gratifying life. Hence, it is necessary to instill important values in our little ones from as young as possible. Here are some important values for children to be equipped with.

Manners and Discipline

The importance of good manners and gracious behavior cannot be taken for granted, for they are taught and not something that come naturally. Simple gestures like saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, and ‘excuse me’ go a long way in life, and keep kids grounded. Thus, always ask your child to talk politely with others, no matter who they are.

Similarly, discipline is of utmost importance in building one’s character. A self-disciplined person always goes further in life and like manners, discipline has to be instilled for no child is born with it.


Babies are born innocent, honest and truthful. It is when they’re older and begin to communicate that they are exposed to dishonesty and lies. Sometimes, parents may even find it cute when a little one lies to get out of trouble. However, it would not be cute anymore if lying becomes a habit.

Since there are so many factors that influence them, such as other kids, adults, certain fears, etc, it is important that you explain the importance of honesty to your child. Offer assurance of your love and explain the best way that you can that lying is never right, no matter what. This will help your child go down the noble but sometimes difficult path of honesty.


Today’s societies are made up of many nuclear families with a single child. Working parents, who do not have time for their children, try to compensate for it by means of material things. So, not only does the child gets what he/she wants without asking for it, it’s highly likely too that the little one is not accustomed to the idea of sharing.

Not being open to sharing might lead to a miserable adulthood, where one needs to make several adjustments and compromises to accommodate others in their life. Hence, allowing your young one to mingle with other kids who are less privileged, and let him/her share their possessions with them occasionally, will go far in your quest to bring up a loving, kind and compassionate child who realises that there is joy in giving and sharing.


Respect begins at home. If you and your spouse respect each other and the rest of your family, it will positively influence your little one who is learning and observing whatever’s going on in the home. Teaching your child about respect will help the little one observe and realise too, if he is being bullied or disrespected in the future. Hence, since he understands what’s happening to him, he will be able to report the matter to you or his teacher. Also, it is important to respect your child so that in future, he learns to respect his subordinates and other people regardless of their status.


Love is the most beautiful value to instil in a child. It is very easy and natural to love the people who are nearest and dearest to us, but not everyone can do so unconditionally.

Teach your children the importance of loving others, as opposed to hatred. Teach them to forgive others for their mistakes, because holding grudges only makes life more miserable. Also, teach your child to treat animals too, with love and compassion.

Responsibility for one’s actions

Inculcating this value in the early age prevents youngsters from developing into incompetent whiners who do not own up to wrongdoings but blame others for their mistakes.

Although this is one of the more difficult values to instil in a child, it’s still crucially to teach a child to be responsible for his or her actions. As it may involve admitting one’s mistakes and facing the consequences that follow, it will indirectly help your child grow into a responsible adult.

Teach them well

It is the prime responsibility of caregivers to imbibe certain moral values in young children.

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