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Unlock Your Skin’s Radiance with the Combined Power of DavosLife BeauE and DavosLife Revive

DavosLife BeauE and DavosLife Revive

Are you tired of dull, lacklustre skin that leaves you feeling less than confident? Look no further! Introducing DavosLife Glowing Kit (inclusive of DavosLife BeauE and DavosLife Revive), the dynamic duo that will unlock your skin’s natural radiance and leave you with a healthy, glowing complexion. These innovative products both contain a powerful antioxidant—Super Vitamin E Tocotrienols. With their unique blend of powerful ingredients and advanced technology, DavosLife BeauE and DavosLife Revive work together from the inside and out to nourish your skin deeply and rejuvenate it, restoring its youthful vitality.

The Importance of Collagen & Tocotrienols Supplementation with DavosLife BeauE

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body that gives the skin its elasticity. The more collagen you have in your skin, the younger it will look. However, collagen naturally degrades after the age of 30, leading to ageing skin.


Figure 1: How skin collagen degradation occurs. (Sources: Chung et al. (2001). Journal of Inv. Dermatol.; 117(5): P1218 – 1224, Shuster et al. (1975). British J of Dermatol.; 93: 639, Fisher et al. (2002). Archives of Dermatol.; 138(11): 1462 – 1470)

One of the best ways to boost the skin’s natural collagen levels is to indulge yourself with bioactive collagen peptides, Tocotrienols, and Vitamin C as an oral beauty dietary supplement, all of which are contained in DavosLife BeauE.

Tocotrienols occur naturally in vegetable oils (particularly palm oil), wheat germ, barley, saw palmetto, and a variety of nuts and grains. DavosLife E3 Tocotrienols by Davos Life Science is a completely natural ingredient derived from non-GMO palm fruits. DavosLife E3 Tocotrienols and Vitamin C are powerful antioxidants that help to brighten the skin, even out skin tone, and protect against free radicals that cause premature ageing. The amino acid chains in bioactive collagen peptides stimulate collagen production and improve the texture and elasticity of the skin.

Figure 2: How DavosLife BeauE helps induce collagen production in the skin.

DavosLife BeauE DavosLife Revive

DavosLife BeauE delivers those functional ingredients via a convenient sachet with the delicious taste of mixed berries and cranberry. As the product works from the inside, it supports and nourishes the skin all over your body, not just the face.

DavosLife Revive Enhances Skin Glow from the Outside

DavosLife BeauE DavosLife Revive

Tocotrienols protect the skin from environmental pollution while also improving skin barrier function. DavosLife Revive is expertly formulated with DavosLife E3 Tocotrienols to provide users with powerful antioxidant-rich benefits from the outside in.

DavosLife Revive Skin Care Set consists of three essential items to supplement your daily skincare routine:- DavosLife Revive Age-Defying Beauty Serum, DavosLife Revive Nourishing Cream and DavosLife Revive Bio-Renewal Face Oil.
DavosLife Revive works to provide anti-ageing, anti-pollution, skin brightening, and UV protection benefits to your skin.

DavosLife BeauE + DavosLife Revive: Combining Good Internal Supplementation & External Skincare Protection

DavosLife BeauE and DavosLife Revive

Looking after your skin from the inside is just as important as looking after your skin from the outside. Using collagen supplementation with DavosLife BeauE as well as quality skincare with DavosLife Revive for protection against pollution and improving skin barrier function will yield excellent, youthful-looking skin.

All you need to do is consume a sachet of DavosLife BeauE twice a day, cleansing and applying DavosLife Revive Serum, Revive Moisturising Cream, and Revive Bio Renewal Face Oil morning and night. Be sure to apply sunblock daily and avoid the sun whenever possible for the best outcome.

Get Glowing with DavosLife Glowing Kit!

Say goodbye to fine lines, uneven tone, and texture and hello to a luminous complexion that turns heads wherever you go. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your skin. Achieve the best skin possible with the combined powers of DavosLife BeauE and DavosLife Revive.

Unlock your skin’s glow with the DavosLife power couple. For more information and to purchase, visit DavosLife BeauE and DavosLife Revive’s info pages.


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