Unlock the Door to Better Health and Wellness with OPTI-I and OPTI-C
Unlock the Door to Better Health and Wellness with OPTI-I and OPTI-C
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Unlock the Door to Better Health and Wellness with OPTI-I and OPTI-C


Are you aware of the terms “healthspan”? Well, healthspan is the number of years a person lives without suffering from medical issues. Interest is no more in just living longer, but staying healthy.

So, how do we achieve good healthspan? Chances are you’ll be thinking about exercising, changing your lifestyle, buying functional food etc to keep up with the pace of this modern world.

The concept of a well-balanced diet has long been advocated for a healthy life. Adequate physical activity, optimal nutrition, restorative sleep, and the minimisation of personal risk factors are all critical to a healthy lifespan. Specifically, age-related diseases stem from deteriorating mitochondrial health – structures within cells that convert the energy from food into a form to be used by the cells. Without these energy molecules, all bodily activities would stop. Encouraging good health, we would like to introduce to you the effective solution to variables related to a range of diseases associated with aging including impaired vision, reduced mobility, declining cognition and cardiovascular disease. By targeting the root cause of many conditions of aging, we are sure Opti-C and Opti-I will play a big role in you fighting aging!

Your longevity, resilience and well-being ingredients

Astaxanthin – Astaxanthin in OPTI-C and OPTI-i is one of the rare antioxidants that is carried into the eye, where it provides both anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory benefits. Sources from freshwater algae – Haematococcus Pluvialis, it is clinically proven to show positive performance on memory, mental quickness, improved mobility and muscle function among the elderly.

Natural Astaxanthin


Lutein – Carotenoids that can naturally be found in the human eye. Lutein absorbs potential harmful light with the highest concentration of lutein is found in the macular area of the retina and in the lens.

Vitamin C – Must be obtained from food, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to your body. This antioxidant helps reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms due to its ability to support a healthy immune function at the same time reduce free radicals formed in the body.

Virgin Coconut oil (VCO) – Virgin coconut oil (VCO) helps the body absorption of Astaxanthin. For centuries, coconut oil has been one of the best-kept secrets of nature as it contains MCTs such as lauric acid. Unlike other types of fats, MCTs have a shorted chemical structure, which are rapidly converted to ketones at the liver. Ketones serve as an instant energy fuel to the body and brain, which enhance the brain function, increase metabolism, and support weight loss.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) – PS is a smart nutrient for brain healthspan. Acts as a gatekeeper, it regulates the entrance of oxygen and nutrient and eliminates metabolic waste. To fire up your brainpower, sharpen the mental edge and put a brake to your cognitive decline, PS in OPTI-C is extracted from non-GMO soybean and a perfect solution for you.

For your eye healthspan: OPTI-I

Voted as the best for eye health, this convenient anti-aging superfood is formulated for your youth and young heart to support your general health specifically the eyes.
OPTI-I consists of a potent combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal antioxidants to effectively combat free radicals, promote good eye health and sugar metabolism. Formulated with Astaxanthin, Lutein, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B Complex, Zinc and Chromium, OPTI-I will help you to:

  • Fight the aging of eyes and progression of presbyopia
  • Relieve dry eyes
  • Protect against UV & blue light
  • Strengthen eye muscle and improve capillary blood flow
  • Reduce eye fatigue, irritation and blurred vision linked to visual display use
  • Improve vision & clarity
  • Delay aging of eyes e.g. age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts
  • Relieve eye redness and inflammation


For your brain-healthspan: OPTI-C

Did you know that the best functional food for brain health, OPTI-C reaches our brain to exert its protective role on oxidative stress and improve your memory and concentration? We all know that brain is the most important organ in our body that acts as the control centre to all our responses to function throughout the day. The brain needs plenty of good fuel and nutrients to stay healthy, build and repair brain cells as well as antioxidants to reduce cellular stress and inflammation, such as Alzheimer’s disease. OPTI-C is an innovative mix of Astaxanthin and Phosphatidylserine (PS) from non-GMO soybean in Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). This stable formula has demonstrated wide-ranging benefits like,

  • Replenishes fuel of energy
  • Uplifts cognitive health
  • Alleviates stress and support moods
  • Promotes good eye health
  • Regulates glucose metabolism

Specific dietary interventions and nutrients can enhance individual healthspan. Now that you know the secret of how to live longer and healthier, don’t delay taking action to show love for yourself. OPTI-C and OPTI-I are both certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

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