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Understanding that confinement is as precious as your new-born

Having a baby is a big change, especially for new-mothers, and the confinement period should be priority to ensure a smooth postpartum recovery. Precious One Confinement Centre provides this holistic confinement service, combining Chinese and Western postpartum recovery services, so that new-mothers can fully bounce back to optimal health.

Precious One Confinement Centre is based in Miri, Sarawak and has a team of obstetricians and gynaecologists, as well as licensed Chinese medicine practitioners, qualified doctors and trained nurses working on the facility. The team is tasked with checking the condition of the new-moms daily, to assess their physical conditions and provide regular postpartum wound care besides other treatments, if necessary. Dr Lau Ngee Yin, a well-known obstetrician and gynaecologist will provide prenatal and postnatal care and consultation to new-mothers. On top of that, Dr Ho, a renown Chinese medicine practitioner is also present to ensure that the mothers regain their vitality. They are typically given a set of Chinese medicinal herbal mix for a course of 28-days, specially prepared to help with recovery during this confinement period.

Precious One Confinement Centre also has a nursery room managed by professional nurses that take care of the new-borns. The team of nurses monitor the baby’s weight development and jaundice (if it occurs) every day so the moms don’t have to worry while recuperating. Each baby also has an independent monitoring system on them at all times, so, moms can keep track of their baby’s every move.

In order to provide new-mothers with a conducive, self-cultivating environment during this phase, the confinement suites at Precious One Confinement Centre are designed to be spacious and comfortable with customised 5-star amenities. It comes with a premium mattress, TV, WIFI, a baby cot and other facilities, as well as regular cleaning services for the convenience of new-moms. The suites are also periodically disinfected to reduce the risk of bacterial infection for both mother and baby.

Precious One Confinement Centre provides 5 nutritionally balanced meals daily (with less oil and salt) to help the recovery of new-mothers. The Centre also provides a special concoction of jujube water and rice tea for daily consumption, to help new-mothers replenish blood and nourish their ‘qi’ or life-force.

During the confinement period, new-mothers also have the opportunity to learn how to care for their new-borns through the baby care course. This includes how to properly bathe and feed their babies. There are also other activities held at the Centre for the mothers, such as yoga and making handicrafts with breastmilk. Besides that, the mothers can also enjoy spa services, such as, shampooing, scalp care, and postpartum massages to relax the mind, body and spirit.

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