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UCMAS – Introducing the Joy of Mental Arithmetic

According to popular belief fun and arithmetic do not always go hand in hand. But what if there was a way to impart the essential knowledge of arithmetic to children enjoyably and efficiently? Mental Arithmetic has become a popular practice over the last few decades. Mental arithmetic help students to solve an arithmetic problem just by using their minds, without the use of a calculator or manually solving the problem by writing down the figures.

Why is mental arithmetic important?

Currently, metal arithmetic has been used as an efficient way of developing a child’s cognitive abilities and mathematical thinking. And since mental arithmetic is completely reliant on the child’s mental prowess, it is also an important exercise for brain development. Mental arithmetic, therefore, plays an instrumental role in keeping the brain sharp and helps the child develop an analytic sense of quantities, estimation, and logical thinking. Furthermore, introducing your child to mental arithmetic at a young age not only helps them to grow an interest in mathematics but also assists in improving their concentration.

Mental arithmetic is also beneficial for improving memory skills and avoiding mistakes while solving mathematical problems. It is associated with helping the child boost their self-confidence and stimulate both sides of their brain.


If you want your child to improve their reasoning and mathematical aptitude through mental arithmetic, UCMAS should be your first choice. Established in 1993, UCMAS has remained one of the leading programmes to guide young minds into the domain of mental arithmetic. UCMAS is completely devoted to assisting children with their analytical, logical, and cognitive skills through fun, scientifically-proven mental arithmetic exercises. UCMAS actively uses the abacus as a simple, yet efficient tool for sharpening young minds.

The UCMAS Course

The UCMAS course is highly recommended for children aged between 4 to 12. The course introduces the children to various aspects of mental arithmetic, including listening and visual calculation, formula conceptualisation, mental calculation of multiplication and division, square root operations, and more.

Over the last few decades, the UCMAS programme has been adopted by over 80 countries across the world with almost 5,000 centres that focus on the use of mental arithmetic for helping more than a million children unlock the limitless potential of their brains. The UCMAS programme has been the proud recipient of several prestigious awards and recognitions and is the first organization to be certified ISO 9001:2000 in the mental arithmetic industry.

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