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Top 6 Washing Machines for Your Household.

Unless you’re keen on outside launderettes, a washing machine is considered a must have item to have in your house. It’s difficult to downplay just how much time and effort a washing machine can save, especially if you’ve got a big family. While it may seem daunting to spend so much on a single appliance, a good quality washing machine can last for many years.

Still, with so many options out there, it can feel almost impossible to choose based on looks or specifications alone. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of the top 10 washing machines for you to use.

Midea Semi Automatic MSW-1308P

The Midea Semi Automatic MSW-1308P is the perfect washing machine for those on a budget. As a semi-automatic washing machine, it does not require continuous water supply in order to operate, allowing you to save water with every wash.

In addition, this washing machine comes with a 6kg washing capacity, a variable spin speed of up to 1, 350 rpm, and a wash timer selector so that you can select your own wash time.

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LG Mid Free Silver 8KG Top Loader With Tempered Glass Lid

The LG Mid Free Silver 8KG Top Loader With Tempered Glass Lid is a solid workhorse of a washing machine. It uses a unique Turbo Drum System which revolves the drum in the opposite direction to the pulsator for improved washing performance. The powerful 3 ‘mini punches’ make your washing more powerful and ensures that stains and debris are removed from your clothing.

In addition, this washing machine comes with a Smart Filter that is durable and compact in design while improving hygiene. It also helps to improve usability & filtering performance. The transparent tempered glass lid allows you to see your clothes while they’re being washed, meaning that you’ll know exactly when they’re ready to be taken out.

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Hitachi SF-160XWV 16KG Top Load Washer

Offering options for fast and efficient washing, the Hitachi 16kg Washing Machine is ideal for large families who want their clothes cleaned quickly and easily. It comes with a number of features to improve ease of use and make it more efficient.

The Water Power button lets you change water flow from Powerful (2) to Soft (-2) in five steps, allowing you to adjust how much water you use for each wash. Choose Powerful for hard, thick items, and Soft for soft, delicate items.  You can also press the Shower Plus button to increase or decrease the water level as necessary.

Once you’ve gotten used to how the machine works, you can even fine tune the settings, changing the water level, wash time, number of rinses and spin time settings as desired to ensure your perfect wash.

The Push Open Assisted Top is also a useful feature that lets you open up the lid with a single push of a button. And because it’s spring and damper assisted, it not only as opens lightly but also closes quietly and softly, preventing you from getting a finger caught.

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Only available at Bosch, the unique, patented VarioSoft Drum structure for faster and gentler washing allows you to tackle washing problems even more effectively. Depending on the selected program, the droplet-shaped drum structure and the asymmetrical paddles adjust the drum movements to be as powerful or as gentle as required.

The laundry is gently rotated to the center the drum regardless of the rotation direction. All garments are included in the washing process at all times and are cleaned more gently and quickly. Apart from washing, the drum is also designed to protect the laundry and reduce creasing.

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Designed to be a strong and powerful washing machine, the TOSHIBA AW-B1000GM WASHER TL 9.0KG CIRCULAR AIR INTAKE contains a number of useful features to make sure that your clothes are cleaned as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

Conventional washing machines use electricity even on standby mode, when the wash/spin cycle is completed. With Toshiba’s Zero Standby Power technology, no electricity is used during standby mode. This new technology can save you up to 20% of energy!

The 12-wing Hybrid Screw Pulsator generates unique and powerful up-draft wash flow by pumping water from the base of the tub to the top to create a strong waterfall effect. Powerful water circulation penetrates detergent water evenly into the fabric at both high and low positions. This high washing performance effectively removes heavy stains.

But that’s not all! A fast and powerful water flow is generated by the twin water injection system. This allows hydro-charged water to penetrate deep into the fibers of the fabric to clean out stubborn stains and dirt. With the lower twin water outlets, similar performance can be achieved even if wash load is small.

Once the washing is done, the Circular Air Intake function with all-round circular air inlets allow more air flow into tub for maximum drying efficiency during spin-drying.

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Midea Top Loader MFW-701S

The Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S will pile up the clean laundry in your home in no time. This fantastic, reliable and strong washing machine is easy and effortless to use. With just one or two clicks and a bit of detergent, you will be ready to transform your dirty laundry into freshly-washed and rinsed clothes.

With its slick and modern design, the MFW-701S has a large capacity of 7 kg ensuring that you can put in a huge pile of your dirty laundry at one go. It is a top loading washing machine with a tempered glass display panel which displays time and other information such as On/Off, Start, Wash Option and so on. Its free standing design with adjustable feet allows you to move about the machine with little effort. The washing machine comes with a power off memory system which enables you to continue interrupted washing cycles from it was left off with its built-in memory.

It also comes with awesome cleaning functions to ensure that all your clothes are spotless as possible when it comes out of the washing. The Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S’ stainless steel drum with metal body is durable, long-lasting but is not the only special feature of the washing machine; the washing power of the bag-type filter prevents soap and lint built-up in the laundry tub. The uniquely-designed filter collects lint, removes and clean the lint.

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