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Top 10 Health and Fitness Apps

1. Virtual Runner

Many people who go to the gym for their cardiovascular exercises are stuck listening to music while moving in one place on a machine. With the new Virtual Runner app for the Apple iOS, you can now feel like you’re really moving outside just by staring at the screen. The Virtual Runner app virtually puts you in some of the scenic racing courses you can imagine and makes you feel like you’re really there. That way you don’t have to stare at nothing for 30 minutes while you use the treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical or any of the other cardio machines. All you have to do is download the app from the Apple store with your iPhone or iPad and enjoy the experience. It is recommended that you use your iPad because it has a bigger screen and will enhance the virtual experience even more.

2. Zombies! Run

This is a neat app for horror fans or simply those who want to get motivated to run fast. Once you download the app, just put on your headphones and hit start. Then almost immediately, you’ll start hearing zombies chasing you from behind. The only thing you can do is run fast to get away from them. Besides hearing zombies, you’ll also receive audio directions about how to successfully dodge the zombies and make it to safety. This app is fun for those who want to add a little adventure to their exercise routine in order to stay motivated and not give up. If you are a fan of horror then it adds even more excitement into the mix. With the big zombie craze from the Walking Dead series, it only seems natural that an exercise app would be made that revolves around zombies.

3. Charity Miles

For those who regularly exercise everyday and want to do something good for the world, the Charity Miles app is perfect for you. This free app allows you to earn money for a variety of charities by simply walking or biking. It basically turns you into a sponsored athlete where you can choose a charity that you want to sponsor and then you earn money for that charity by doing your normal exercise routine. The farther you move in your routine, the more money you earn for your charity. Once you are done you will receive a confirmation regarding how much money you earned for your charity. Bikers will earn their charity 10 cents per mile and runners/walkers will earn 25 cents per mile for their charity.

4. Couch-to-5K

This app is motivating and inspiring for people who currently train for a 5K run or those who want to start it for the first time. It contains a plethora of training tools and programs to help you meet your goals on the 5K. It will track your running time, distance and chart all of the results on a weekly calendar. There are virtual coaching programs that give you advice and keep you motivated to run the entire 5K, which is 3.1 miles. You can select from a variety of virtual coaches who each have their own voice and own style of coaching. The app even has music synchronization as well that helps push you to go further when you feel like giving up.

5. Ghost Race Pro

Do you want to train for a marathon, but don’t have anyone to train with you? Sometimes it helps to race somebody while you are training in order to give yourself a little extra push in your running. If this sounds good then you will want to have the Ghost Race Pro app installed on your Smartphone. This app will create a virtual competitor to race against during your training. You simply put on your headphones and set the pace and distance that you want to race against. Once you begin racing, the app will tell you the progress you are making against your virtual competitor. If you are slowing down then it will tell you the competitor is ahead. If you speed up then it will tell you that you are winning the race. The results will then be stored in a fitness log.

6. Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle is a unique app that tracks whether you have received enough sleep or not. It collects and analyzes your sleeping habits so that way you know if you have gotten an adequate amount of sleep. If you have then it will wake you up after a certain point so you don’t over sleep. If not then it will tell you to rest right away. The app will even track whether you have had a deep sleep or just a normal sleep by analyzing how much tossing and turning you do at night. For athletes or simply those who exercise every day, it is important to get enough sleep in order for your body to fully recover itself. If your body doesn’t fully recover then you will wake up feeling lethargic and less motivated to perform your daily activities.

7. Pzizz Sleep & Energizer

People often have trouble getting to sleep at night because they worry so much about a variety of things going on in their lives. Sometimes it helps to hear soothing sounds that help relax you, so you can fall asleep easily. The Pzizz Sleep app will play soothing music that relaxes your brain and helps you drift into a deep sleep. That way you can wake up feeling refreshed. This app also comes with the Prizz Energizer, which gives you the opposite effect. It will play sounds that clear your mind, lower your stress levels and improve your focus. Within 20 minutes, you will have a boost of energy and the confidence to start your day right. These apps come together and should be used together because they may very well change your life.

8. Daily Burn

The Daily Burn app is like having your own personal trainer in the palm of your hands. The app provides users with over 100 workout routines that are taught to you on video by real life trainers. There are a wide range of workouts that help you lose weight, boost endurance levels and build muscle. You can even connect your heart rate monitor to the app through a Bluetooth connection in order to receive feedback about your heart rate. Daily Burn is free to download, but it gives you the option to access unlimited workouts for either $90 per year or $10 per month.

9. FitStar: Tony Gonzalez

FitStar: Tony Gonzalez is the perfect app for those who hate going to the gym or who do not have the time to go. This app gives you virtual guidance from NFL star Tony Gonzalez and a team of health experts, so that you can get help reaching your fitness goals. All you have to do is first choose a goal, and then a customized workout plan will be generated for you by the app. The workouts will change every day in order to keep the exercise new and exciting, instead of being the same repetitive routines all the time. The best part is that the app will accommodate your busy work schedule, so if you only have a half hour to workout then it will create a workout plan to accommodate that schedule.

10. 7-Minute Workout Challenge

People often complain that they don’t have time to work out each day. With the 7-Minute Workout Challenge app, it will put you on a daily workout routine that involves 12 high intensity exercises in just 7 minutes. The idea is that you will have no rest periods during these 7 minutes of high intensity exercises. That way you will burn calories faster without having to devote a lot of time or rearrange your schedule for the exercises. After all, every little bit of exercise counts. So if you are a busy person then the 7-Minute Workout Challenge app is what you will need to stay in shape and feel better about yourself.

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