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Top 10 Best Stroller & Car Seat Head Supports For Your Little One

Have you seen your baby’s head turned to the side while on car seat before? It is the time for you to buy head supportt to keep your baby’s head looking straight and comfortable. Ensure your little one is comfortable and safe with a car seat head support! Adding extra padding, neck and head support will not only provide comfort but also extra protection for your baby. Here are Top 10 Best Stroller & Car Seat Head Supports For Your Little One.


Cybex Mios Comfort Inlay

Give extra support to your precious baby with this Cybex Mios Comfort Inlay. You may use this to customize the look and elevate the comfort. It provides added support and padding to the seat as well as giving sun protection with cosy warmth for your child on cool strolling days. To know more about this Cybex Mios Comfort Inlay, you may visit our website.

Babyhood Hug-A-Babe

A great head support that provides comfort and eases aero mech backing raises ventilation. The micro towelling soaks up the sweat in the summertime, whilst cosy and warm during the cold months. It is cleanable and can keep the baby’s space nice and clean. It is also adaptable to make use of with an entire product range such as prams, strollers, rockers and car seats. Read reviews and more info about Babyhood Hug-A-Babe here.

Tommee Tippee Head Support

Protect your baby’s delicate head and neck with this stylish head support. Its two separate pieces are designed to grow with your baby, from preemie, newborn to infant sizes. Featuring soft velour and breathable embroidered knit fabrics for added comfort and style. The fabric is reversible for year round comfort. It fits snugly around infants of all sizes. You can wash this head support using a washing machine. Crash tested and proven to be safe for your little one. Read more info about Tommee Tippie Head Support here.

JJ Cole Collections Reversible Body Support 

One of the most stylish body supports on the market, the reversible infant Body Support from JJ Cole Collections has plush polyester chamois on one side and a soft polyester as well as lycra blend on the other, providing comfort to your baby in any season. Its chic geometric linked-square offers a unique and stylist touch. A great addition for extra protection for your baby. The fabric is soft and gentle for baby, giving extra comfort. Fits in any strollers, carriers etc. Click here to read reviews regarding JJ Cole Collections Reversible Body Support.

BenBat Travel Friends On The Go Head and Neck Support

This delightful travel companion is designed to gently support your child’s head and neck while on the go! Perfect for in the car, the stroller, or anywhere that requires stabilization. These fun, bright designs are perfect for a girl or a boy. Double sided fabrics feature softer, heavier fabric for the winter, and a lighter fabric on the other side for spring or summer to cool the skin. Equipped with velcro strap for holding objects such as toys or a pacifier. Read more about Benbat Travel Friends On The Go Head & Neck Support here.

Mamas & Papas Adjustable Head Hugger

Keep your precious cargo comfortable whilst out and about with the Mamas & Papas Adjustable Head Hugger. Perfect for newborns, the hugger provides extra support for delicate heads and necks whilst on the go. The superior support provides extra support and comfort for delicate heads from day one. Pack with soft padding to cushion the head and neck. This head support is designed to grow along with your baby. With adjustable support, you can expand it and make it fits your baby. It is compatible with many pushchairs and car seat models. Click here to know more about Mamas & Papas Adjustable Head Hugger.

JJ Cole Collections Head Support

JJ Cole Collections is committed to providing parents with fashion-forward products that epitomize utility and convenience. Known through North America and Europe for high-quality products and superior customer service, JJ Cole applies a model of constant innovation to expand its range of baby and child travel gear and travel accessories including diaper bags, carrier covers, baby bunting and more. Read reviews about JJ Cole Collections Head Support.

OWEN Basic Head Support

The Owen Basic Head Support provides extra support to infants while sleeping. It keeps your baby in a comfortable and safe position and is perfect for using it on the move, be it on a stroller, car seat, carriers or even on a comfortable smooth flat surface. Made with 100% cotton and polyfill. This product will give you the maximum value out of its extremely useful features. It has an amazing design and it is made out of only the finest material to ensure top grade quality. To know more about OWEN Basic Head Support, please click on the link.

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