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Tips To Choose The Baby’s Sex

Choose The Sex Of Your Baby

If one thinks that it is impossible to choose the sex of a baby the natural way, think again. More and more experts are claiming that there’s strong circumstantial evidence that parents can pre-determine the gender of their child. These methods are non-intrusive and since there’s no harm in trying them, we say go for it!

Sexual positioning: Deep Vs. Shallow

The vaginal entrance is naturally more acidic to prevent vaginal yeast infections and becomes less acidic close to the cervix. Since the vulnerable male sperm thrives better in an alkaline environment, sexual positions that promote a deeper penetration i.e., the woman-on-top or man-behind, will help give the male sperm a better opportunity to end up in the alkaline environment so that it can survive long enough to reach the egg.

On the other hand, a shallow penetration will give you a better chance of conceiving a girl as the hardy and slower female sperm can survive the acidic conditions at the vaginal entrance and fertilise the egg after the male sperm has perished.

Food For The Sexes

Experts believe that the food you consume can help in determining your baby’s gender. The nutrients in your diet have an impact on your metabolism and the eggs’ condition.

  • To conceive a boy

Since the male sperm loves an alkaline environment, consuming more alkaline foods could be vital in trying for a baby boy. Foods with low acidity include red meats, eggs, beans, peas, bread, corn, and raisins.

Potassium has been linked to conceiving boys, so include a potassium-rich diet like bananas. As sodium is also a factor when one is trying for a boy, so salty foods may help.

And if you love eating cereal, keep calm and carry on! Studies have found that women who consume breakfast regularly, especially cereals, have a higher chance of conceiving boys.

  • To conceive a girl

For those who want to conceive a baby girl, opt for acidic-rich food such as oranges, grapefruits, and citrus juices as the female sperm can thrive in a more acidic environment.

Eating food that is high in calcium and magnesium can also boost your chances in conceiving a girl. So eat foods such as spinach, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds for magnesium, and milk, yoghurt, and cheese for calcium.

Timing Matters

The female sperm (sperm containing female chromosomes) are heavier and tend to live longer than their male counterparts. So to increase your chances of having a girl, try having intercourse a few days before ovulation when the vaginal mucus is sticky and thick and then abstaining from sex. This gives a bigger opportunity for the female sperm to reach the egg while the male sperm dies off.

Since the lighter male sperms move faster than the female ones, they can reach the egg first when the timing is right. By having sex on ovulation day when the vaginal mucus is clear and thin, you will increase your chances in conceiving a boy.

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