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The Importance of Crawling

Crawling is an immensely beneficial milestone in a baby’s development journey. It not only helps develop the strength of the baby, but also develops the baby’s sense of balance and equilibrium. A crawling baby is also homing his or her gross motor skills. To some extend, the act of crawling also helps in the visual and sensory perception of the baby.

Development of gross motor skills

Gross motor movement involves movement of large muscle groups like the limbs and the body. A crawling baby is actually using the strength of the limbs involved to move forward, which, in turn, helps develop the trunk and the limb muscles. Crawling helps strengthen the muscles and also provides balance and stability for those still developing limbs.

How crawling helps in fine motor skills

Encompassing the refinement of hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills is essential for control over the small muscles of the body. Fine motor skills lead to manual dexterity. Besides helping the child to pick up and grasp objects, fine motor skills will help the child in future when he/she needs skills like writing, drawing, sewing and cooking.

Spine Alignment

When a crawling baby’s body is lifted from the ground by those little limbs, the action helps develop and strengthen the spine; which later eliminates problems related to the posture of the child. This indirectly explains why a baby who is an active crawler would be most unlikely to have spinal or posture problems.

Visual Development

A baby, when crawling, automatically engages in a technique called ‘binocular vision’. This technique involves the constant movement of eye from the floor to the direction in which the little one is moving towards. Constant adjustment in the range of vision works as a training ground for future skills of reading and writing.

Crawling safety

It’s important to consider what kind of environment your baby is crawling around in. While babies have mobility on the floor, they have a unique view of the world that mom and dad might not realize. The floor becomes a source for learning and development, but it also becomes a potential danger zone. These are some tips on how to make sure your baby has the capability to crawl, learn and develop, while doing it in a safe and secure environment.

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