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The Best Philip Avent Toddler Cups For Every Stage

Philip Avent Toddler Cups

Teaching your toddler to drink independently is crucial in their development. It’s not often easy to do, which is why having the Philips Avent range of drinking and training cups is very helpful. Philip Avent toddler cups are safe, child-friendly, and comfortable to use, plus they come in attractive colours so that your child can learn how to drink in a fun manner, without spilling.

Based on the input from healthcare professionals, Philips Avent offers different drinking solutions with teats, soft and hard spouts, straws and 360° drinking rims that follow the development of your child and makes use of her recently developed motor and drinking skills. Their premium quality drinking cups are BPA-free and are easy to clean, too.

Trainer – 4 months +

Philip Avent Toddler Cups

At 4 months, babies have no teeth but they can briefly grasp the bottle. They are able to drink by sucking with backward and forward movements of the tongue.

Philips Avent trainer cups help baby transit from bottle drinking to their first cup easily. With the soft touch grips, baby will be able to hold the bottle independently while drinking from the familiar nipple. The nipple, like the bottle, helps the transition from bottle or breast to cup. Available with both classic+ and natural teats in a variety of colours and designs.

Spout – 6 months +

Philip Avent Toddler Cups

At 6 months, toddlers can hold a cup and drink from it without help. They drink by sucking with their new-found tongue strength and motion.

The introduction of the spout in this range easily guides toddlers to learn and drink independently, plus a built-in valve is ideal for spill-free drinking. The Philips Avent spout cup comes in soft and hard spouts, with a wide variety of cute designs and colours. The soft silicone spout is gentle on your toddler’s gums and makes sipping easy. The handles allow toddlers to hold the cup with one hand.

Straw – 9 months +

Philip Avent Toddler Cups

At 9 months, toddlers begin developing a bite, which calls for bite-resistant materials in their drinking cups. The new Philips Avent bendy straw cup with ergonomic handles are ideal for their first sips and allows healthy oral growth. The anti-leak valves and flip top prevent spills and messes.

The bendy straw cup also encourages independence by fitting perfectly into the active lifestyle on the go. It comes highly recommended by US dentists.

Spout-less – 12 months +

Philip Avent Toddler Cups

At his first year, your baby will have developed a competent pincer grip with complete thumb opposition.

Philips Avent Spout-less ‘Grown up’ cups give parents confidence and convenience by allowing children to learn ‘adult-like’ drinking without making a mess, thanks to the non-spill lip-activated valve and easy-grip containers.




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