Prudential enhances PRUMy Child Plus, a comprehensive prenatal plan that protects mother and baby from as early as 13 weeks of pregnancy and into adulthood.

While all parents want a smooth pregnancy and delivery, unforeseen complications can arise such as premature delivery which affects eight out of every 100 births[1]. In addition, around 5,000 babies in 2022 were born with congenital heart disease of which two thirds required surgery[2].

“The best gift you can give your child is to safeguard their life from before birth right up to old age. This is why we have designed PRUMy Child Plus, a comprehensive prenatal plan that provides mother and baby with the gift of protection from day one and beyond,” said Ankur Bassi, Chief Officer, Product and Actuarial Services of PAMB.

With PRUMy Child Plus, the wellbeing of mothers during pregnancy is safeguarded as the plan covers nine pregnancy complications with up to RM8,000 lump sum payout. A first in Malaysia, mothers and babies are also supported in the event of an early delivery via C-section before 36 weeks, with a payout of up to RM8,000.

In addition, parents are assured that should their baby need hospitalisation or treatment for any structural congenital condition such as cleft palate, abnormal limbs, or any of the 27 listed congenital conditions including heart defects, cerebral palsy and spina bifida, they are supported with up to RM50,000 yearly until the child reaches seven years of age.

Later into childhood, Prudential also supports therapy sessions if their child has been diagnosed with developmental disorders such as autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with a yearly support up to RM8,000 until the child is seven years old.

Eric Wong, Chief Marketing and Partnerships Distribution Officer of PAMB, said, “We understand that parents want the best for their child at all times. Which is why PRUMy Child Plus covers yearly treatments for developmental disorders up to age seven and is not a once-off support paid upon diagnosis. With this, their child can receive continuous support and therapy during early childhood to ensure their wellbeing and quality of life.”

PRUMy Child Plus offers three plan types, starting from RM260 for Essential up to RM311 for Elite per month. The plans includes attachable high medical coverage that is guaranteed to auto-increase every year, along with critical illness coverage and basic protection that all grow with the child up to 100 years of age. In addition, the plan includes accidental coverage that protects the child up to 70 years of age.

Parents can also set aside savings to grow their child’s education fund with the PRUSaver Kid rider. They can also secure their child for a rainy day if anything untoward happens to them with the Parent Payor rider.

“Parenthood is a journey filled with ups and downs no matter if you’re soon-to-be parents, experienced with many children parents, or a young single parent. For those down moments, Prudential is here to ensure you and your child are supported,” said Eric.

To give your child a head start in life, visit the PRUMy Child Plus webpage: PRUMy Child Plus

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