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10 Best Eye Drops For Dry, Red And Watery Eyes

Dry eye can cause the surface of the eye to become inflamed and irritated, thus making your eyes appear red and sometimes watery like you are crying. When this happens, you will feel uncomfortable and hinder you from doing your work. It not only causes redness but also pain, ulcer on your cornea or in rare cases, some vision loss. There is an easy treatment for dry eye which is by using lubricating eye drops. Here are 10 best eye drops for dry, red and watery eyes.

Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops

Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops elevate the science of dry eye therapy to a new level so you can relief from dry eyes anytime and anywhere. It is clinically proven to deliver extended protection and high-performance dry eye symptom relief that lasts for hours. You can feel the difference once you use this lubricant eye drops. Suitable for those who constantly using laptops, computers or any bright screen that will dry out the eyes. Once it happens, your eyes will become uncomfortable and redness. So avoid it by using this eye drops. Read reviews about Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops.

Eye Glo Relief Eyes Drops

Formulated to be used for sore, swollen and watery eyes due to exposure to harsh conditions such as dust, strong wind or when your eyes have been unprotected from chemicals. Your eyes are exposed to chemicals such as chlorine when you are swimming or prolonged rubbing of the eyes. Chlorine is not good for eyes as it will make your eyes red and itchy. To combat this problem, drop this Eye Glo to moisturise, comfort and refresh eyes. Prolonged expose to computer screen, reading or working will make your eyes dry, tired and strained. Not only that, being in a dry indoor environment such as an air-conditioned room or travelling also will make your eyes dry. Click to know more about Eye Glo Relief Eyes Drops.

ROHTO Eye Drops Cool

Formulated with Freshkick Technology that allows this eye drops to deliver an intense freshness that brings instant cooling comfort to irritated eyes due to late nights, eye strain, environmental conditions, pollen, dust and inadequate tear production. This eye drops moisturise, refresh and provide immediate cooling relief. This product is great for dry, strained and tired eyes due to prolonged exposure to TV or computer usage. It effectively retains moisture and natural tear in eyes. It also good for dryness and eye discomfort due to wearing contact lenses with the protective moisturizing veil. If you have minor eye irritations due to smog, dust, wind and sun glare and even chlorinated water, you can soothe it by using ROHTO Eye Drops Cool. Read reviews about ROHTO Eye Drops Cool here.

Alcon Zaditor Eyes Drops for Eye Itch Relief

Your eyes are easily get irritated due to allergens. Allergens are small little particles around you that travel via air. The little particles can affect your eyes and give you such discomfort such as itchy eyes. You need a quick solution and Alcon Zaditor Eye Drops can provide you just that. The original triple-action, the prescription-strength formula works in minutes to deliver up to 12 hours of eye itchy relief. This eye drops is different than any other products as it only uses an antihistamine to temporarily relieve itchy eyes and does not contain a vasoconstrictor which is a stuff that only works temporarily to ‘reduce the redness’. Click here to know more about Alcon Zaditor Eyes Drops.

Allergan Celluvisc Lubricant Eye Drops

Made from the finest ingredients, this lubricant eye gel helps you to maintain or improves the condition of your body as well as boosting your health and fitness. Due to its thicker formula, this eye drop is an ideal eye drop for persistent dry eye conditions. This eye gel restores the moisture your eyes crave with a gentle protecting and lubricating formula that has some of the same healthy qualities as natural tears. Enjoy a long-lasting relief from the irritating, scratchy feeling of dry irritated eyes. Read reviews about Allergen Celluvisc Lubricant Eye Drops here.

Eye Glo Moist Eye Drops

Eye Glo Moist Eye Drops is a non-oily lubricant eye preparation that moisturizes, comforts and refreshes dry, tired and strained eyes due to prolonged reading or working long period at a computer screen. Even if you are in an air-conditioned room, it also may cause to dry eyes as the place is dry and so does air travelling. This eye drops is compatible to be used together with contact lens. Click to know more about Eye Glo Moist Eye Drops.

Systane Day & Night Lubricant Eye Drops

A great idea from Systane for comfortable eyes all day long! Systane introduces Day & Night Lubricant Eye Drops in one packaging for convenient purchase. The pack include daytime eye drops for comfort during the day and gel drops during the night for extra protection at night. The gel drops provide a gel shield for a comfortable night sleep. Both eye drops reduce the signs and symptoms of dry eyes. Read reviews about Systane Day & Night Lubricant Eye Drops.

Polylab Lubricating & Rewetting Drops

This lubricant and rewetting drops provides more comfort for contact lens wearer, preventing discomfort from contact lens throughout the day. It effectively provides comfort for your eyes as it moisturizes and soothes eye irritation. It is an effective lubricant that provides long-lasting comfort. Not only that, it also provides adequate moisture to contact lens keeping it soft for enhancing comfort during application. This product also prevents dryness and soothes irritation for an immediate relief. Click to know more about Polylab Lubricating & Rewetting Drops.

Alcon Bion Tears Lubricant Eye Drops

Provides relief for a serious dry eye. Alcon Bion Tears Lubricant Eye Drops is preservative free, sterile making it safe to use and will not irritate the eyes. It comes in a handy package – 28 single-use vials as a protection against further irritation. One vial for a single use to keep it hygiene and prevent any germs or bacteria from entering your eyes. It is suitable for sensitive eyes too. It can soothe and reduce your eyes redness completely and keep you comfortable all day long. Read reviews about Alcon Bion Tears Lubricant Eye Drops.

Allergan Optive Lubricant Eye Drops


A great eye drops that provides lubrication to the tear film thus providing a hydrating and protective shield to the ocular surface. The ingredients in this eye drops is safely absorbed by the corneal epithelial cells to help protect against hypertonic stress that gives you deep, long and lasting relief. It also suitable for mild dry eye syndrome. The innovative, triple-action and preservative-free formula provide an ultimate eye relief. It is clinically proven to relieve dry, burning, irritated eyes due to dry eye. It works on all three layers of your tear film to lubricate the moisturizing dry eye relief, hydrate the eye surface cells and protect your natural tears by helping reduce tear evaporation. Click to know more about Allergen Optive Lubricant Eye Drops.

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