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STEPS to Empower Young Minds: Nurturing Excellence at Nuri Kindergarten & Childcare

In the realm of preschool education, the task of selecting the optimal curriculum for your child’s early years can be overwhelming. However, an increasing number of parents are discovering the vibrant and enriching curriculum offered by Nuri Kindergarten & Childcare, which introduces the STEPS (Strive, Think, Explore, Play, and Socialise) programme — a comprehensive framework designed to optimise children’s developmental journey through half-day and full-day initiatives.

Nuri Kindergarten & Childcare introduces the STEPS programme as the cornerstone of their educational approach, enabling children to flourish during their crucial developmental phase. In the realm of half-day learning, the STEPS Junior Core Programme, part of Nuri Junior, extends a captivating and academically rich 4-hour schedule tailored for children aged 3 to 6. This encompassing experience includes language development in both English and Bahasa Malaysia through PowerEnglish and Celik Bahasa, as well as essential skills such as reading, writing, and spelling. In addition, young learners engage in the realms of PowerMath, Junior Lab, Art Odyssey, Fitness Fun, and more. Complementing this comprehensive offering is the elective programme that allows parents to choose from Mandarin, Islamic Studies, or Tamil, further enhancing their child’s learning journey.

For parents seeking a full-day programme to foster holistic development, Nuri Junior Plus presents the STEPS Plus Programme — a remarkable 8-hour exploration for children aged 2 to 6. Within this extended timeframe, little minds master both English and Bahasa Malaysia while experiencing an elective language through KinderRead. The KinderExplore segment injects excitement into learning as children partake in enjoyable skill-honing activities. Furthermore, the Focused Development segment refines selected subjects, facilitating progress in specific areas. Nuri Enrich takes this commitment to excellence even further by encouraging children to stretch their academic and artistic boundaries.

Nuri Kindergarten & Childcare, through its STEPS programme, stands as a guiding light for parents in search of an enriching and comprehensive preschool curriculum. By integrating the elements of Strive, Think, Explore, Play, and Socialise, Nuri Kindergarten & Childcare crafts an educational journey that goes beyond conventional boundaries. As parents entrust their children to this nurturing haven, they can rest assured that every facet of development is meticulously catered to, empowering young minds to evolve into confident, well-rounded individuals ready to conquer the challenges of tomorrow.

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