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Stay Healthy & Svelte with Morzlim


When you are at your ideal weight, life seems easier and brighter. Clothes fit better, you look good and feel energised. Unfortunately, most of us are not blessed with the good genetics that enable us to eat whatever we want without ballooning in size. Instead, if we are not careful in watching what we eat and exercising regularly, our weight can creep up at an alarming rate.

 It Doesn’t Have to be So Hard!

Nutriva MorzlimThe good news is shedding unwanted fat doesn’t have to be hard. Morzlim is a premium botanical beverage with a mild citrusy taste that has been shown to result in weight loss and reduced extra fat mass. Rich in natural antioxidants, it contains Sinetrol®-Xpur, a patented, proprietary blend of Mediterranean citrus extracts, including sweet orange, blood orange, and grapefruit, as well as natural caffeine from guarana.

Sinetrol®-Xpur is a clinically proven fat burner that promotes the metabolism by enhancing lipolysis that helps reduce excess body fat to help achieve and maintain a healthy body composition or weight. Sinetrol®-Xpur also helps you fight against metabolic syndrome, including abdominal fat (central obesity), hypertension, dyslipidemia, and impaired glucose tolerance. Left unchecked, these risk factors can lead to various health issues down the road.

A Unique & Natural Formulation

Morzlim is truly a unique supplement with potent natural antioxidant that offers a healthy approach to weight management for all.

In addition to Sinetrol®-Xpur, the formulation predominantly comprises soursop juice, noni enzyme and mangosteen enzyme which support healthy detoxification for the rejuvenation and restoration of the body. They also promote healthy digestion.

If you have been actively exercising and eating healthy, Morzlim will help support and enhance your weight loss journey!

The Proof is in the Pudding

Happy Morzlim consumers reported a natural decrease in cravings and appetite, which helps curb the urge to binge on unhealthy food. Visible results can be seen in just after a month of consumption.

This is also reflected in the clinical studies done on Sinetrol®-Xpur which revealed the following results:

  • Abdominal fat was significantly decreased by 9.73% in Sinetrol®-Xpur group (p<0.0001).
  • Waist and hip circumferences were respectively reduced by 5.15cm and 5.17cm (each, p<0.0001).
  • Resting energy expenditure of subjects in Sinetrol®-Xpur group was increased by 180 kcal/day (p<0.05).
  • Free fatty acid release in the plasma showed significantly higher levels in Sinetrol®-Xpur group.
  • Subjects dropped fat mass significantly while lean mass increased, leading to healthy body composition.
  • Sinetrol®-Xpur group showed an average decrease of 63% in their excess body fat mass -trunk area (p<0.05).
  • Sinetrol®-Xpur group continued to lose weight after the supplementation was over, while no difference was observed in the placebo group.

So wait no longer and give Morzlim a try today! For optimum results, consume one sachet mixed with 25ml room temperature water before lunch and another one before dinner. Once you’ve reached the weight you’d like to maintain, continue taking one sachet daily.

The good news is, there is no rebound effect as weight loss may continue even after you stop consuming Morzlim.

If you love Morzlim, leave a review here! For more information, visit Nutriva’s website and Facebook page.

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