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Stay Germ-Free With Naturally Kinder Sanitising Water

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We love to keep our baby nursery clean, fresh, germs and toxic Free. We believe you are the same and will find Naturally Kinder Sanitising Water indispensable.

An Effective Germ Killer

Naturally Kinder Sanitising Water is specially formulated with 100% plants based ingredients. Developed in the USA, Naturally Kinder Sanitising Water is all-natural, 100% plant-based with formulas that are highly effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens including fungus, bacteria and viruses. Extensive research and test results have shown that it effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, fungus and virus in seconds, including those that cause H1N1 Flu, Smallpox, diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery, pneumonia, sinusitis, skin infections and ear infections.

These tests were independently conducted by leading and highly accredited laboratories and among the tested locations are hospitals, health care centres, hotels, commercial buildings and residences. It does not cause any side-effects apart from keeping your family and you cleaner and healthier, in a more hygienic environment!

Also, Naturally Kinder Sanitising Water is non-volatile, thermo and UV tolerant, completely soluble and non-corrosive.

Free From Nasty Chemicals

It is biodegradable and are chemical and alcohol-free too. The product is designed to reflect its name as kinder and gentler to the skin, which is why it is designed to be non-toxic, even for little ones. In fact, they are completely safe for humans, animals, plants and the environment!

It is free from all the following ingredients commonly used:

  • Chlorine
  • Enzymes
  • Phosphate
  • Parabens
  • Methylisothiazolinone
  • Benzalkonium

How it Works

The Naturally Kinder Sanitising Water is completely safe and it does not cause any side effects. It can be used to sanitise, clean and deodorise personal air space. It gets the job done not by masking any offensive odor, but by eliminating the source, which is those notorious odor-causing bacteria. It can also safely double up to disinfect the hands too when needed.

The product works in two ways. First, by interfering with the cellular membrane of the microbe resulting in a leakage of the cellular content. Second, it also interferes with the respiration at cellular level resulting in the death of the microbe.

Unlike other sanitisers which contain alcohol or harmful chemicals, it does not dry out or irritate the skin. And if swallowed, it is harmless, so yaay! This makes it the perfect product to cleanse soothers, teethers, and feeding equipment for the baby. You can also spray on the surface or toys that you would like to sanitize. No rinse required.

Further tips on how to use Naturally Kinder Sanitising Water:

  • Spray on your aircond’s or air purifier’s filter to sanitise it
  • Spray on any part of your body to sanitise it. It can be used as hand sanitiser too
  • You can even use it as mouth spray for bad breath, it’s safe to swallow

Looking to clean up your act? Look no further than Naturally Kinder Sanitising Water!


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