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Start Your Day With A Glass Of Dutch Lady Purefarm Milk With More Than 50% Protein!

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (Dutch Lady Malaysia) a well-known dairy company recently participated in a week-long ‘Food-Fit Fun Fair’ an activity under Nutrition Month Malaysia 2018 (NNM) to promote healthy eating and physical activities among Malaysians. Organised by the Nutrition Society Malaysia, Malaysian Dietitian’s Association and Malaysian Association for Study of Obesity, the Food-Fit Fun Fair is held to address the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the country.

Marketing Director, Consumer Dairy, Dutch Lady Malaysia, Ramjeet Kaur Virik said Dutch Lady Malaysia as one of the leading dairy companies in Malaysia, they want to promote healthy eating and physical activity among Malaysians and play their part in helping to address the Nation’s health issues.

“Dutch Lady Malaysia has been building strong families in Malaysia for the last 55 years, both physically and emotionally. While we produce nutritious milk that nourishes the body, we also conduct activities and health programmes that bring family members together to forge stronger bonds. Co-sponsoring the Nutrition Month Malaysia event allows us to convey the goodness of milk and encourage healthy eating while bringing families together through our fun and educational activities,” she added.

Fun-filled interactive activities

Shoppers and families were able to learn about the goodness of protein, an essential nutrient found in milk through the interactive activities at the Dutch Lady booth. One of the game allows participants to fill in the correct answers on various benefits of protein in order to win prizes. Another challenge played on stage had families vie for exclusive Dutch Lady goodie bags. Winners simply had to fill in the correct answers about the key benefits of protein consumption and the daily recommended intakes of protein for different age groups and gender.

In the midst of the fun and games, Dutch Lady Malaysia’s nutritionist, Tan Huey Ghee took to the stage to share with the audience on the goodness of milk. She highlighted the importance of getting enough protein and how we can easily obtain the nutrient from milk.

“Protein is the building block of our muscles, and it also makes up our hair and nails. And do you know what helps us stay active throughout the day? You’ve guessed it – it’s protein! It helps us build and repair our muscle tissues so that our muscles work in good condition, allowing us to carry out various activities and also play all kinds of sports,” Huey Ghee further added.

Huey Ghee also explained that the human body cannot store protein for future use like fat. This means we are very reliant on our three main daily meals to meet our protein needs.

“Our breakfast should contain 20% to 25% of our daily nutritional needs, and this applies to protein too. Just by having a glass of full cream milk will provide you with more than 50% of protein that is needed at breakfast,” Huey Ghee said.

She added that research shows that protein in milk is easily digested and contains essential amino acids, which is responsible for the various biochemical processes that keep our bodies running smoothly.

In concluding her health talk, Huey Ghee said,“Breakfast is the first nourishment your body gets after 8 to 12 hours of fasting during sleep – that is why experts call it the most important meal of the day! During street interviews we conducted among Malaysians, we found that most people are well aware that consuming enough protein during breakfast is crucial for their health. But they also rightly pointed out that protein-rich food, like chicken or fish, is too much of a hassle to prepare and eat in the morning when they are also rushing to work or school”.

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