Start with Montessori and Inspire Children Towards Excellence
Start with Montessori and Inspire Children Towards Excellence
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Start with Montessori and Inspire Children Towards Excellence

Montessori Education is an early childhood education method developed by Italian psychologist and educator Maria Montessori. The philosophy practiced under the umbrella of Montessori education is to guide children to learn from life, taking into account their interests and innate abilities.
The Montessori curriculum is world renown not only for its academic curriculum of learning by listening, watching or reading, but also for child development through art, music, drama and speech, so they get a holistic learning experience for wholistic growth.

With 16 years of experience in Montessori education, Knowledge Tree Kindergarten has proven to be one of the top institutes in teaching this methodology to toddlers and young children. It is a Montessori kindergarten that is child-centred and has won unanimous praise and support from parents. If you’re keen on providing a holistic educational experience for your child, then this may be the right curriculum and kindergarten to enrol them in.

Founded in 2006, Knowledge Tree Kindergarten has its headquarters situated in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, with branches in Setia Alam, Desa Park City, and Bukit Jalil, providing the best curriculum for preschoolers aged 2 to 6. Knowledge Tree Kindergarten adopts a small classroom system for a better opportunity at one-to-one teaching. it is also equipped with the Montessori learning pillars using a variety of Montessori teaching aids. The 5 pillars of Montessori education include “daily life”, “sensory”, “math”, “language” and “culture.”

This is what makes Knowledge Tree the most suitable preschool education model for children to explore freely. A free-flowing learning experience like this can aid in cultivating children’s passion for the pursuit of knowledge and understanding for a lifetime. Children shouldn’t be rushed in their learning; it should be about giving them time to fully embrace the skills they learn. Free-flow learning gives children the opportunity to develop at their own pace, besides giving them the space to assess the risks and make decisions for themselves.

To add to your child’s overall mental development, Knowledge Tree Kindergarten also practices an original daily “mindfulness” exercise that gets kids in the right frame of mind to focus throughout the day!

With the assistance of a team of experienced and professional teachers, Knowledge Tree Kindergarten’s carefully tailored curriculum can help develop your child’s social skills, motor coordination, intellectual development, as well as physical and emotional growth.

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