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SOTHYS Christmas 2018 Coffret Sets

Ring-a-ling, hear them ring, soon it will be Christmas day, our favorite season of the year is knocking on our door. Christmas is all about celebration, hope, peace, joy, love and giving; And this year, SOTHYS exclusive Christmas Collection promise to craft a big smile on your loved one’s face, leaves them an ever after gorgeous looking skin.
SOTHYS brings you top 3 most wanted skincare coffret sets that have worked wonders on our users. The joy they shared from the results attained by using these star products has inspired us to spread love and joy fulfilling your hearts desires this Christmas. We hope that by re-introducing these effective solutions, you too will achieve “Youth-tiful” healthy skin.

“My best travel companion to winter country”
Nutritive Coffret Set
Nutritive Comfort Cream 50ml
Essential Lipid Elixir 30ml
@RM744 (Normal Price: RM935)



“Santa told me he uses this in December, so that he never looks tired”
Rejuvenate Coffret Set
nO₂ctuelle™ Detox Resurfacing Overnight Cream (50ml)
Energizing Booster Serum (30ml)
@RM1,026 (Normal Price: RM1,248)


“Because I can party-all-night-long while looking energetic the next day with it”
Energizing Coffret Set
Energizing Night Cream (50ml) Energizing Booster Serum (30ml)
@RM1,124 (Normal Price: RM1,378)


Nutritive Comfort Cream (50ml)
Objective: Power nutrition behind a veil of softness Intensely nourishes the skin & regenerated its force to fight against ageing with the help of Nutri-Omega 3.6.9 complex, Pichia Polysaccharides & Alpha-bisabolol.
Active Ingredients:
• Nutri-omega 3.6.9 complex (ceramides, omega fatty acids, sterols) Immediate re-lipidating action: supplies constitutive lipids of the intercellular cement.
• Pichia anomala polysaccharides Deep re-lipidating action: Restores the skin’s lipid synthesis capacities.
• Alpha-bisabolol Soothing
Benefits: Intensely nourishes the skin and protected from premature aging. Skin is soft and silky.
Use: All year long for chronic dry skin day and night OR Occasionally (change of seasons, stress) for occasionally dry skin day and/or night.
Proven Efficiency!
• Nourishing effect: 100% satisfaction after 30 days*
• The skin appears younger: 84% satisfaction after 30 days*
• Reduced roughness: – 11% after 30 days (Visioscan analysis)**
*Tested on 19 volunteers.
** Tested on 17 volunteers.

Essential Lipid Elixir (30ml)
Objective: “SOS” Care Elixir Formulated with Nutri-Omega 3.6.9 complex, Duo Precious Oils & Alpha-bisabolol, lipid elixir immediately nourishes and soothe the skin while restructuring skin’s intercellular cement.
Active Ingredients:
• Nutri-omega 3.6.9 complex (ceramides, omega fatty acids, sterols) Immediate re-lipidating action: supplies constitutive lipids of the intercellular cement.
• Precious oils duo (jojoba and rice bran) Restores the HLF, provides immediate comfort and relief.
• Alpha-bisabolol Soothing
Benefits: “SOS” oil care. Ultra-nourishing, immediate alleviation of sensations of discomfort.
Use: Apply On the entire face and neck or locally on concerned areas day and/or night all year long for chronic dry skin, before Nutritive comfort cream.
When needed for occasionally dry skin, before Nutritive comfort cream or the usual cream.
Proven Efficiency!

• The skin is immediately soothed: 94% satisfaction after 1 week*
• Fewer skin lines: 84% satisfaction after 2 weeks*
• Reduced dryness: -11% from 8 days (Visioscan analysis)*
*Tested on 19 volunteers.

Detox Resurfacing Overnight Cream (50ml)
Objective: Revive the skin in the morning, detoxifying and smoothed skin
Active Ingredients:
• Stabilized vitamin C: 1% to stimulate cellular activity and visibly reduce the signs of ageing
✓ Known for its antioxidant action
✓ Stimulates the synthesis of collagen
✓ Stimulates keratinocyte differentiation
✓ Step in the ↘ of melanin synthesis
• Extract of nasturtium (Rich in α-glucans) Oxygen-like. Strengthen the cells’ ability to adapt to a lack of oxygen
• Triggers the synthesis of cytoglobins, proteins responsible for transporting oxygen to the cutaneous cells: + 56% (in vitro test)
• Detoxifying complex: to boost the body’s detoxification system
• Shea Polyphenols detoxifiers and metal chelators: protect skin of harmful effects of urban pollutants
• Yeast extract stimulates autophagy, cellular detoxification and waste recycling system
• Hydra-smoothing complex (marine collagen, avocado and macadamia oils) to intensely moisturize and visibly smooth

Benefits: Sign of fatigue are smoothed out and diminished as you sleep and skin becomes more luminous for a healthy glow effect. Hydration and comfort are the extra benefits. Youthful radiance appears revived.
Use: Apply at night after serum to face and neck. A concentrated technology that works deep in the skin night after night.
Proven Efficiency!
+ 24% after 15 days
+ 45% after 30 days
Smoothing of the features* :
From the 1st morning 90%
of users are satisfied with the smoothing and resurfacing effects of the product**
For 90% of users, their skin is more toned and their complexion brighter. This cream is the equivalent of 8 hours sleep for the face!

The SOTHYS Christmas Coffret Sets are available exclusively at all SOTHYS salons and Beauty Kiosk nationwide from November/ December 2018 onwards.

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