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Shopping with a toddler: How To Make It A Smooth Operation

It’s quite a feat to attempt shopping with an impatient and inquisitive toddler, especially if the little bub has the attention span of zero. There you are, wanting to fill up your shopping cart and look around for stuff and there he is, trying to see how fast he can outrun you! Let’s not forget too that your cutest little one can become the crankiest little thing without much notice, bringing your whole shopping trip to a stand-still. So… Got some shopping time with bub on the menu? Don’t fret! Here, we offer some tried and tested tips.

Few of us are lucky enough to have ourselves a little angel of a bub who happily tags along with us as we leisurely look at items on sale or compare prices. Most toddlers are just not agreeable in that way. They don’t seem to have the patience to stand for more than five seconds in one spot. Yet we say that there is still hope for mummies with little kiddos for shopping partners. These following suggestions have helped many moms, so let’s see if they can help some more.

Take a nap, my little sleepy-head…

A tired toddler is a cranky toddler and don’t we all know that well enough! Let him have plenty of rest before taking him on a shopping trip with you. Right after his rest period would be the best time to get ready to go. While you’re at it, this would also be the perfect time to……

Hype that hyper kid!

With the cleverest play of words you can come up with, speak to him of the colorful sight-seeing adventures ahead – store after store of stuff! “Mummy promises to take you into each one so we can take a closer look at all the nice stuff inside!” Your kid will somehow be more eager and cooperative on the car ride or walk there. Do explain though what you will be doing, where you will go, and how long it will take. Tell your child beforehand your expectations of him in terms of behavior including what you deem as suitable behavior and otherwise. Keep in mind that at that tender age, your words may sometimes be forgotten due to his short-lived attention span, so be prepared to overlook infractions now and then.

Care for a treat, baby?

Let’s keep in mind that little tummies get hungry fast and more often than not, little ones tend to confuse boredom with hunger all the time. Either way, a little sandwich or cookies with some fruit juice may be just the thing to settle a genuinely hungry tummy or bored little bub. Or, if you may feel the need to entertain an ad-hog trip to a fast food stop for nuggets and fries treat, hey, why not? After all, shopping with a tiny tot IS a give and take expedition!

Mummy needs to pee-pee. Do you?

Before, after and a few times in between is the way to go. After all, we don’t expect little bladders to hold large amounts of liquid do we? Offer toilet trips often so that you’ll less likely to be called away when you’re just one customer away from paying for your much-wanted item with a queue as long as a bus behind you!

Keep it short!

Don’t plan for extensive shopping trips if it is going to be just bub and you. For a child that is just learning to walk, an hour or at the most two, is plenty of action! Even if he’s in a stroller, he’s most likely not going to appreciate being confined in there for too long. Let your little one stretch his legs now and then and keep shopping trips to minimal time.

Where’s my teddy?

Bring along a favorite toy, like a doll or stuffed animal. This will be more for comforting reasons than anything else. Don’t bring anything too small that it can easily get lost and cause a wailing drama scene! If you need to, bring his favorite blanket too, to lay over him while he rests in his stroller.

Remember, shopping with a small child can be fun and may turn out to be a good bonding experience too. Just keep in mind that all plans made for the trip must feature your little one in it and not just that lovely blouse that you’re in a hurry to get!

Baby, this is how it goes…

Most stores do not appreciate anyone meddling with thier merchandise. Remind your child not to touch anything on the shelves, counters, etc. Explain that a soft voice is sufficient rather than a bellowing cry when something is needed.

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