Kuala Lumpur, December 4, 2018 – Are young married couples in Malaysia sufficiently aware about sex, reproductive health and responsible parenthood? Apparently, many could use some expert guidance in these areas!

This came to light today during an expert forum that openly discussed “Sex Sense For Married Millennials – Intimacy, Family & Health”.  The event was jointly organised by the Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia (FRHAM) and DUREX Malaysia.

The forum was moderated by motivator, author and married millennial, Aiman Azlan and featured Dr Kamal Kenny, Social Psychologist and Vice Chairperson of FRHAM and Professor Harlina Halizah Siraj, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, and Coordinator of the Family Planning Unit, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre.

According to Martin Wever, General Manager of Reckitt Benckiser Health Malaysia & Singapore, there is a need to encourage young adults to understand topics that help improve their sexual and reproductive health.

He said, “Sex between husbands and wives is a natural and important act.  Besides the joy it brings, sex helps maintain meaningful intimate relationships with each other – to celebrate and deepen their happy marriage, if you will.

“As for good reproductive health, it allows them to produce children without compromising the health of either the mother or the babies.  Having sound attitudes to reproductive health also helps prevent having more children than a couple can afford.

“Parents who are sensible about sex and reproductive health will be in a good position to educate their children so that they, too, can benefit when they become adults.”

Wever remarked that awareness about good sexual and reproductive health may be lacking among many young couples.  This could be because most people regard it as a private and personal matter that it should not be discussed openly with others.  Taboos and stigmas arising from sociocultural sensitivities further prevent informed conversations and cause people to rely on misleading sources of information, instead.

He stressed, “Misinformation about good sex practices can result in lack of sexual fulfillment, unhappiness, couple estrangement, and even marital rape.  Lack of guidance about reproductive health often results in poor child and maternal health, child neglect, financial hardship, and parental stress.”

Wever declared that DUREX Malaysia is committed to working with FRHAM to help equip married millennials for their journey ahead as husbands, wives and parents with relevant information and advice for enhancing the role of sexual and reproductive health in their lives.

He said this is in line with Reckitt Benckiser’s vision of building “Healthier Lives, Happier Homes”.

Dato’ Dr Kamaruzaman Ali, President of FRHAM, remarked that today’s media forum reflected the Federation’s mission of educating and supporting Malaysians through the promotion of good sexual health, reproductive health, and responsible parenthood.

According to him, sound knowledge and good practices in these three intertwined areas can help young couples strengthen their happy marriages and build healthy families, and avoid a host of related physical and mental health issues, and even financial problems.

Unfortunately, many misperceptions still abound and prevent some members of the community from enjoying these benefits.

He highlighted a number of prevailing misperceptions, including the belief that wives may not deny their husband’s demands for sex, that people should not limit the number of children because they are a blessing, and that contraception is solely the wives’ responsibility.  He lamented the fact that some men would not even consider opting for the protection that wearing a condom offers.

Dato’ Dr Kamaruzaman said, “Clearly, there is a need to provide relevant and practical guidance on sexual and reproductive health for both husbands and wives.  It will help them make wise choices for themselves, with their spouses, and for their families’ future.”

He announced that FHRAM and DUREX Malaysia will be developing a sustainable, full-fledged community programme to effectively educate, engage and empower young adults in sexual and reproductive health.

In an effort to obtain relevant insights and data for the programme, the partner organisations launched the “Malaysian Married Millennials Sexual Wellbeing Survey” today.

Dato’ Kamaruzaman stated: “We would like to invite all married Malaysians aged 20 to 40 years old to visit http://bit.ly/malaysianmarriedmillennials and share their views, practices and concerns with us about intimacy, contraception, and other related areas.  We want to hear what they have to say.”

Everyone who participates in this online survey will be given access to download a humorous yet informative e-comic booklet titled, “Drama Kahwin Malam Jumaat”.

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