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Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Like poor Dennis in the video below, most of us are not aware that we suffer from sensitive teeth. We surmise that the sharp pain we feel in our teeth when consuming icy cool food – normally at the back molars – is due to holes in our teeth.

As a result, over 50% Malaysians don’t find enjoyment in eating certain cold and sweet food or drinks due to tooth sensitivity . Now thanks to the Sensodyne Chill Test Challenge, you can identify if you have sensitive teeth and know how to take control of your condition. The Chill Test Challenge is happening till 4 September at selected Chatime and llaollao outlets, where the Sensodyne roving crew will visit these outlet and conduct tooth sensitivity check and samples giveaways. Consumers can take part in the Challenge & win Nandos vouchers worth RM250, Sensodyne Care Packs and Chatime vouchers. For more information, log on to https://sensodyne.com.my/chilltest/

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK), one of the world’s leading research-based healthcare company, launched the Challenge to help address the increased incidences of tooth sensitivity among consumers in Malaysia.

According to IPSOS findings, sensitive teeth are common among young adults aged between 18-34 and 40% of those who suffer are not taking care and control of their tooth sensitivity. One in three adults suffers from sensitive teeth, and few consumers are aware of the symptoms and causes of tooth sensitivity*. Tooth sensitivity can be caused by several factors including brushing too hard, tooth grinding, acidic food and other conditions.

“Malaysians are passionate about their food and it’s no surprise that we do enjoy going to social gatherings and indulge in our favourite foods and drinks to satisfy our cravings. It is reported by IPSOS that almost 50% of Malaysians cannot enjoy cold and sweet food or drinks due to tooth sensitivity. These sensitivity sufferers should not sacrifice the enjoyment of food due to their condition. With the newly launched Sensodyne Chill Test Challenge, consumers can find out if they have sensitive teeth in just moments and their condition can be relieved by using desensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne, to lead a sensitivity-free life,” said Stacy Wallace, General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare Malaysia & Brunei.

This year, the campaign will leverage on Malaysian desire for chilled refreshments to reach out to more consumers and challenge them to use chilled refreshments to participate in the Sensodyne Chill Test Challenge. The Chill Test Challenge allows consumers to find out if they have sensitive teeth by drinking chilled beverage or eating the dessert in less than 30 seconds. Consumers can participate in the Chill Test Challenge Contest and stand a chance to win Nando’s Vouchers worth RM250, Sensodyne Care Packs and Chatime Vouchers.

Aimed at reaching out to more Malaysians and continuously engage with them in an interactive manner, Sensodyne is expanding its outreach by partnering with San Francisco for coffee lovers, Chatime Malaysia for tea lovers & llaollao for dessert lovers in an effort to encourage consumers to participate in the Chill Test Challenge so that they can take control of their conditions.

Sensodyne is the toothpaste brand recommended by dentists to relieve tooth sensitivity caused by exposure to cold, hot, sweet and sour foods or drinks. Sensodyne also offers a complete regime oral care products which includes toothbrush and mouthwash to help protect against tooth sensitivity. By using Sensodyne oral care products, consumers enjoy relief from tooth sensitivity, allowing them to continue to indulge in the foods and beverages that they enjoy most.

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