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RMHC Malaysia Spreads Joy to Underprivileged Children During Month of Syawal

RMHC Malaysia celebrates Syawal with children of Down Syndrome Association of Malaysia (PSDM) in Kuala Lumpur recently.

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 MAY 2024 – Ronald McDonald House Charities Malaysia (RMHC Malaysia), McDonald’s Malaysia’s chosen charity, brought joy to underprivileged children and their families through several open house celebrations held throughout the month of Syawal. These events, attended by past and present beneficiaries of RMHC Malaysia, as well as volunteers and the local community, reflect RMHC Malaysia’s ongoing commitment to nurturing and caring for the welfare of underprivileged children.

Ronald McDonald Sensory Rooms are equipped with multi-sensory equipment to engage primary stimuli, aiding underprivileged children with special needs in developing cognitive skills and building self-confidence.

“Syawal is a time of joyous celebration and building meaningful connections. These open house celebrations provide us with the opportunity to spread joy to the community, especially to underprivileged children, and strengthen our relationships with partners who share our commitment,” said Dato’ Azmir bin Jaafar, President of RMHC Malaysia.

President of Down Syndrome Association of Malaysia (Persatuan Sindrom Down Malaysia), Hanizan Hussin

The first open house celebration this year was organised in collaboration with Great Eastern General Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad at the Down Syndrome Association Malaysia (PSDM) Kuala Lumpur on 23 April. The event was attended by 35 down syndrome children and their families who are currently undergoing therapy at the Ronald McDonald Sensory Room located at the association’s headquarters.

RMHC Malaysia extends the festive spirit with open house celebrations at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) at Hospital Tunku Azizah (HTA), Kuala Lumpur.

Continuing the Aidilfitri celebrations, RMHC Malaysia extended the festive spirit with open house celebrations at the RMH located at Hospital Tunku Azizah (HTA) and RMH Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz UKM (HCTM-UKM) on 27 April and 4 May, respectively. These events welcomed a total of more than 350 attendees, bringing together the RMH community. These houses offer affordable and comfortable accommodation for families of pediatric patients receiving medical treatment at the hospital, providing a “home-away-from-home” for those in need.

RMHC Malaysia brought joy to underprivileged families with vibrant open house celebrations at the Ronald McDonald House located at HCTM-UKM.

Additionally, an open house event for RMHC Malaysia’s Gift of Smile (GOS) program was also held at RMH HCTM-UKM on 28 April, specifically catering to families from the program. This open house brought together past and present beneficiaries, specifically children born with cleft lip and palate who have undergone or are currently undergoing corrective surgeries and treatment.

RMHC Malaysia’s commitment to improving the well-being of underprivileged children in Malaysia through its core pillars and programs is made possible by the generosity of Malaysians who donate via digital self-ordering kiosks and coin boxes located at McDonald’s Restaurants nationwide, as well as through corporate donations from partners and companies across the nation.

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