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Are You Brushing Your Hair The Right Way?

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Raise your hand if you have a greasy scalp but dry hair closer to the root? I would imagine quite a number of hands are raised. It’s just so frustrating that all that oil (enough to fry an egg, methinks!) just won’t distribute evenly through every strand of hair, from root to tip.

Blame our humid weather for it. Or our genes. Or eating all that oily food. Or maybe, we were not brushing our hair right.

And then one fine day, I stumbled upon this video. And man, oh, man, it changed it my life.

It not only distributes the oil from my scalp to my whole head of hair, but also makes my hair manageable without having to blow dry it. There’s also a glossy sheen to my hair where previously it was as dry as a broom. My hair is finally behaving the way it should!


Give it go. And share your experience in the comments below!

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