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Read This Article First Before You Let Your Baby Sleep With A Blanket

As a new parent, there are tons of questions about parenting that you wish someone could give a full explanation and enlighten you. You probably wondering if it is safe to let your newborn baby sleep with a baby blanket. Will my baby ever fall asleep without the need of using a blanket? What if my baby feels cold late at night? If you are wondering what you can do to help keep your baby safe at night, you may read this article as we have gathered all the answers that you want to know. Here is the important thing that you need to know about baby blanket.

When is the right age to let my baby sleep with a blanket?

This is a common question that parents always ask. Let’s get it straight, if your child is under 12 months of age, blankets should be forbidden out of the crib. No matter if your baby is playing or napping, never let your baby use the blanket. This is because blankets can increase the risk of smothering, suffocating or sudden infant death syndrome known as SIDS. Newborn or baby under 12 months old are fragile and their respiratory system needs an attentive care.

Baby tends to move around and you can’t control their movement. They can grab the blanket and pull up to their face. This can hinder them from breathing and lead to serious injury. Keep in mind, though, that toddlers tend to move around a lot when they sleep and can’t reposition covers until they’re closer to 18 to 24 months of age. Hence, don’t let your baby playing or napping with a blanket. The same rule applies to pillows, comforters, bumper pads, soft toys or any other soft objects. “But what if my baby feels cold at night?” This leads us to the next question.

What is SIDS?

SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome happens when an infant – a baby who is younger than one year old dies while asleep yet a thorough investigation can’t determine the cause. But it is often believed that the main cause of SIDS is suffocation. That is the reason why you can’t let your baby sleep with soft bedding such as blanket, pillow, soft toys to avoid this from happens.

Apart from the external factors, some babies have abnormalities in certain parts of their brains that have to do with controlling breathing and arousal from sleep. If those abnormalities exist, thus, they have a higher risk of SIDS. The risk also increases if they are born with a low birth weight or have had a recent respiratory infection such as cold that can cause breathing difficulties.

How to keep my baby warm and cozy without a blanket?

Yes, it is normal for parents questioning what if their babies feel cold at night. Babies will get chilly at night and it can affect their sleep pattern. Same goes for us as adults, we love snuggling with a warm blanket on a chilly night. So we tend to keep the baby’s room warm and comfortable but do you know taht baby sleeps best when the temperature is cool and consistent? The ideal temperature for a baby is between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dress your baby in soft fabrics that breathe – such as cotton and work well and should fit your child snugly. Sleep sacks, onesies, wearable blankets and swaddling are safe solutions to keep baby comfy throughout the night. Another brilliant tip is to locate the crib that isn’t in the direct path of air-conditioning or heating vents or too close to a window. Constantly check your baby to make sure that your baby isn’t getting too hot or cold. Your baby may be too warm if his chest feels hot, his face is red and breathing quickly. If your baby’s chest feels cool, then he may be too chilly.

When is the right time to introduce my baby with a blanket?

So when can you let your baby start using a blanket? It is recommended to introduce your baby with a blanket when they reach 1 year old. At this age, most babies have the strength to roll over and move blankets away from their face when it is necessary to prevent the risk of SIDS. Again, it depends on your baby and to avoid any confusion, you may seek specialists and ask for their opinions.

Baby bedding safety rules

1.  Never use a duvet, quilt or pillow for a baby under a year old

A duvet, quilt or comforter is too thick and heavy for your baby to push them away if they feel too hot. So it is best to use thin and breathable blankets that can be easily layered depending on how warm the room is. Pillow is too risky for a baby too. They make suffocating due to pillows so be cautious.

2.  Keep an eye on your cot bumper

Some parents think that cot bumper is dangerous and should be avoided, while others see them as a safety in preventing their babies’ limbs getting entangled in the cot bars. The truth is, cot bumper is dangerous and should not be used.

3. Buy the right size bedding

It is vital to buy the bedding that is specially made to fit your baby’s bed. Well, some parents might think that it is such a waste of money to buy different size sets, but folding oversize blankets and shets to make them fit smaller beds can be very dangerous and cause your baby to overheat. It should be tucked in firmly.

4. Remove comforters and toys once your baby falls asleep

It’s quite common for your child to need a comforter to help them drift off to sleep, but try to remove this once they’ve dropped off, to lower the risk of suffocation. Also, keep any soft toys in the cot to a minimum until they’ve reached toddlerhood, when the risks are reduced, and they can move about more freely.

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