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Quisine: The Ultimate Confinement Meals For New Moms!

Quisine confinement meals

The first few weeks after giving birth can be mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting for new moms. Not only are your hormones going haywire, but you’re also recovering from a gruelling experience and trying to look after a newborn at the same time. It’s no wonder that so many new mothers choose to go home early from the hospital to recuperate in private.

However, many women find it challenging to find suitable home services that cater specifically to their needs as new parents, especially confinement meals. Luckily, Quisine is here to save the day!

Quisine confinement meals

Nutrition That is Tailored for You

At Quisine, they understand that many new moms want nothing more than to be able to spend their confinement period in the comfort of their own homes. That’s why they offer an efficient confinement meal delivery service, based in Jalan Semantan, Kuala Lumpur. With their delicious and nutritious meals, new moms can rest and recover without having to worry about what they’re going to eat.

Quisine understands that new moms have unique nutritional needs. To make sure they’re getting everything they need, they have carefully curated a selection of confinement meals with the help of professional nutritionists. These meals are designed to give mommies the nutrients they need to stay healthy and thrive.

No matter what stage you’re at in your postpartum journey, Quisine has a meal plan that’s right for you. Their team of experts have crafted menus that are not only nutritious and calorie-conscious, but also take into account any lactation problems you may be experiencing. And because they know that quality breast milk is important to both you and your baby, they have designed meals to help improve your milk production. So whether you’re looking to boost your metabolism or achieve postpartum weight loss, Quisine can help!

According to Quisine, postnatal diets are based on a new mother’s internal needs. These include metabolic detoxification during the first week after giving birth. This helps to eliminate postpartum congestion, promote wound healing, and increase lactation.

The second week is all about rehabilitating internal organs, the third week is about nourishing the body, and the fourth week is about preventing the signs of aging. Meals during this time help promote metabolism and improve complexion.

Nutritious, Hygienic & Safe Meals Ensured

At Quisine, they go the extra mile to make sure our food is not only delicious but also safe. They have a professional cleaning team that cleans and disinfects all of their dining ware after every use. So you can be confident that your next meal will be prepared with the highest standards of hygiene in mind.

If you’re ever unsure about what meals you want from Quisine, they offer taste testing for their food items! Just reach out to them to learn more about this fantastic service, which is available via delivery. This way, you can find the perfect meal plan for your unique situation and needs.

Quisine was recently awarded the BabyTalk MamaPapa Awards 2022 in the Nutrition Confinement Meal category.

Quisine confinement meals

For more information, visit their website, Facebook and Instagram pages.



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