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Pumping it Up: A Beginners Guide to Exercise

We all like to get fit. Most of us will agree that it’s important to exercise regularly, especially with our modern sedentary lifestyles. Sitting in an office or in front of the TV for hours every day tends to make you all flabby and soft. In addition, while many Malaysian foods are delicious, they also contain a disproportionately high amount of sugar and fat, which is why it’s important to work out regularly to make sure you don’t gain weight. 

But what’s the best way to exercise?

Running? Football? Weightlifting? Tai Chi classes? There are so many options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all.

Which is why workouts are categorized into four separate types: aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility. While you can focus on one or another, to be at your best you’ll need to include all four types of exercise into your routine.


Also known as cardio exercises, aerobic workouts focus on your cardiovascular system. These exercises include running, swimming, tennis, dancing… basically, anything that gets your heart pumping and blood flowing. Aerobic exercise is especially good for the heart, lungs and circulatory system. Studies have shown that doing just 2.5 hours of moderately intense aerobic exercise a week makes you much less likely to suffer from problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes. 

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A magnetic exercise bike is ideal for home because it is very quiet. These bikes can be used in any room of a home, even while watching television. It is an ideal solution for individuals who do not want to train outdoors. A home exercise bike can be used any time of day, making it convenient to fit your training program into a busy schedule.


Strength exercises (aka resistance training) works your muscles. These kind of workouts tend to build up lean muscle, which burn more calories than any other type of workout. Examples of strength training are lifting weights, using resistance bands and exercises that use your body weight or other type of resistance (push ups, pull ups, etc.)


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This weight lifting belt is made of high-density sponge padding inside main belt along with a nylon velcro strap with stainless steel buckle to help adjust. The belt can be pulled tightly onto the lower back so that it doesn’t drop even when you’re doing exercises such as deadlifts, squats and heavy shrugs. The belt is long and wide enough to effectively protect the lumbar back, reducing and spreading out upper body stress instead of concentrating it into one area. Can be used in the gym or at home for weight lifting, squats, lunges, deadlifts, thrusters training. This belt is the ideal tool to help you master exercises with added safety and confidence.


Balance exercises help to improve your body’s coordination and stability. Though it’s particularly useful for older people, balance exercises are beneficial to everyone regardless of age. Tai chi, yoga, pilates, and even certain types of dancing are all examples of balance exercises.

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Exercises focusing on flexibility aim to stretch your muscles and improving the range of motion in your joints. This type of exercise can be divided into two types: Static Stretching, where you move a muscle without moving your body and Dynamic Stretching, which combines stretching with movements.

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Fitting it all together

For best results, you should have an exercise routine that incorporates a bit of everything. But don’t worry – you don’t have to create four completely separate workouts. A lot of workouts already include bits of other types of exercise while others combine them all into one package. For example, Yoga combines strength, flexibility and balance all in one workout.

Find out what works best for you and tailor your workout to your own expectations.

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