Promoting Genetic Wellness and Health with Medicas Genomics
Promoting Genetic Wellness and Health with Medicas Genomics
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Promoting Genetic Wellness and Health with Medicas Genomics

Genes are known as the basic functional and physical building blocks of our body. It contains all vital information regarding our physiology that is used by the cells to carry out different functions and regulate the physical growth of an individual.

While genes have such an important role to play, they are unique from one person to the other! And as important as genes are to our very existence, it is normal for us to be curious about the building blocks of our body.

Why is it important to learn more about our genetic makeup?

Medicine and healthcare in the 21st Century lay a greater emphasis on the genetic makeup of an individual because learning about the genetic makeup of a person allows researchers and doctors to understand the genetic factors that are responsible for various genetic disorders and help prevent genetic conditions on time. Presently, unborn babies and their parents are also screened for diagnosing possible genetic disorders, such as developmental disabilities, birth defects, or serious health conditions like heart diseases and cancer that the child might be born with to help doctors take the necessary precautions.

How to prevent genetic disorders with DNA testing?

The MediPremium Diagnostic DNA Test offered by Medicas Genomics is a failsafe way of learning about your genetic structure and unlocking the history of your family’s health. The MediPremium Diagnostic DNA Test is specifically designed to help patients make informed life decisions that can help them avoid genetic disorders and health complications in advance.

This test is known to be almost 99.9% accurate in its diagnosis of an individual’s genetic profile and forecasts possible allergies, health risks, and disorders. This simple saliva test also provides vital information such as carrier status and drug sensitivity that the person and their family are susceptible to. This way, the patient can prepare for and prevent any medical conditions in advance and treat illnesses early. Since the test helps uncover the entire genetic blueprint, you can also find out more about your skin health and nutrition which will allow you to make responsible choices about your physical wellbeing and healthcare as well.

MediPremium Diagnostic DNA Test by Medicas Genomics

Medicas Genomics is among the leading facilities in Malaysia that specialise in providing personalised solutions for comprehensive wellness through DNA testing. Through robust scientific equipment and methods, Medicas Genomics prioritises the use of the genetic bioinformatics platform and database for recommending astute healthcare plans to help you reach the better, healthier version of yourself. Medicas Genomics is greatly favoured by clients for its short turnaround time and user-friendly and actionable reports.

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