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Powerfoods: French Bean

French Beans

Green beans, Runner beans, String beans, Climbing beans, Wax beans and Snap beans; different names of French beans but with the same taste have adored the world around, whether eaten raw or cooked, in salad or in soups, as a diet food or a tongue pleaser. Scientifically from the family of Phaseolus vulgaris (with many other varieties of beans as siblings), French beans are selected for their lovely texture and equally good taste.

It is believed that the cultivation of French beans originated in South and Central America about 7000 years ago by the Indian tribes of Mexico and Peru. Once considered to be a rare find, French beans, in the coming years became one of the most commonly used beans across the world.

  • Considered good during preconception pregnancy period as it is a good source of folate which helps in preventing neural tube defects in the offspring
  • French beans are a good source of Molybdenum that helps in detoxification of sulfites from the blood
  • The iron element in French beans helps in respiration at a cellular level by synthesaising hemoglobin that helps to carry oxygen to cells
  • Potassium found in French beans is an important component of cell and body fluids that help control the heart rate and blood pressure
  • It contains an important caroteniod called zeaxanthin. It is known to be helpful in preventing age related macular diseases
  • Copper, which is found in good proportions in French beans, is known to lower the risk of inflammatory diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, joints and ligaments by enhancing the activity of the enzymes
  • The soluble fibre in French beans slows down the metabolism of carbohydrates which, in turn, regulates the blood sugar levels and prevents a sudden jump in blood sugar levels after meals. It is good for diabetic people, those with insulin resistance
  • The folic acid present in French beans prevents the accumulation of an intermediary metabolite of protein metabolism, called homocysteine, which promotes the risk of atherosclerosis
  • French beans are low in calories, contain only a little saturated fat, and are an excellent source of plant-derived micro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins like A, B1, B6, C
  • The magnesium present in French beans helps in relieving fatigue, relaxing sore muscles, nerves and blood vessels, thereby relieving the symptoms of asthma and migraine headaches
  • Promotes good colon health and aids in preventing colon cancer

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