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Powerfoods: Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit: A Flaming Favourite

It has many names; Night Blooming Cereus, Strawberry Pear, Belle of the Night, Conderella plant, Mood Flower, etc. The dragon fruit, also known as Pitaya, is a tropical fruit that belongs to the climbing cacti (Cactaceae) family. Its origin is not exactly known but is thought to have come from South America. The French are believed to have brought the dragon fruit to Vietnam over a hundred years ago where it was grown for the royalty and the very wealthy families there. Now, the dragon fruit is cultivated in many Asian countries.

  • The phytoalbumins in this fruit possess antioxidants renowned for preventing free radicals that cause cancer
  • Research shows it is excellent for the circulatory system, gives the effect of reducing emotional pressures, prevents hypertension, improves eyesight and neutralises toxic in the blood
  • Dragon fruit is high in B vitamins; vitamin B1, B2, B3
  • Its regular consumption is said to help fight against asthma and cough
  • Red dragon fruit contains a protein that can increase metabolism and maintain cardiovascular health
  • It is said to help in controlling blood glucose levels in people with non-insulin-dependent hyperglycaemic conditions (a kind of diabetes)
  • A high source of beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A – useful for proper functioning of eyesight, reproduction, and other metabolic processes
  • It is high in fibre content – useful for the body to lower cholesterol levels
  • It is rich in potassium, ferum, protein, sodium, iron and calcium
  • It is used to treat stomach and endocrine problems

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