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Power of Crystals

“Crystals can also help you but they will only help you achieve what you are ready to achieve”

For centuries, crystals have been used as alternative method to heal various ailments and protect the user from negative energies. Due to its close affinity to earth energies, crystals radiate incredibly high positive vibrations that raise consciousness and shields one from harmful entities. While many skeptics believe that the power of crystals is simply wishful thinking; it has been scientifically proven to metaphysical.

Vibrational energies

I was exposed to the world of crystals when I was a teenager after meeting gem stone specialists and participating in body, mind and spirit seminars which eventually led me to establish a new age store promoting crystals. Since then, I have been drawn to crystals because it magnifies my energy, protects and heals me. They are so powerful that the vibrations that crystals emit can have a sympathetic resonance with all living creations and the energy within a defined space. The gemstones carry vibrational energies that can affect an individual’s aura if they are placed within range of the aura.

Studies have revealed that every individual can use crystals to dissolve the negative energies in their thoughts and emotions and infuse light into their soul. This is the heart of crystal healing, which uses the stones as a power tool to amplify creative visualisation and manifestation.

Being amplifiers, transmitters, conductors and transformers of energy, crystals can be “programmed” personally for goal-setting, protection from harm, mental telepathy, creating solutions to challenges and for manifesting desires.

Crystals can also help you but they will only help you achieve what you are ready to achieve. For instance, your goal could simply be to release tension, or you may want to improve energy levels or alter your state of consciousness so you can have a deeper understanding of yourself.

One of the easiest ways to benefit from gemstone therapy is to wear crystals as a necklace or pendant around the neck or as rings and bracelets; or you could simply carry a crystal with you always.

Which crystal is right for you?

Apart from using your zodiac sign as a guide, choosing crystals is just like choosing food, clothes and friends. The same principle of resonance applies to the way you choose a crystal, and that is usually expressed through attraction to its physical appearance. It could be its colour, size or shape that catches your eye. Then you need to hold the crystal and be sensitive to how it pulsates or feels in your hand – warm or cool.

Different people react differently to crystal energies and only you will know what feels good for you. Take the stone in your left hand, relax your body, breathe in deeply and breathe out fully while you listen to and feel what the crystal is “saying” to you.

It is necessary to regularly cleanse your crystals to refresh them, maintain their properties, as well as to remove any unwanted energy they may have absorbed.

This can be done by placing them in an active source of natural energy:

  • Under free-flowing water, like a stream or even under a tap
  • In direct sunlight or moonlight for an extended period
  • On a large crystal structure like an amethyst/quartz cluster
  • Pass them through incense or a rock salt solution

Rose Quartz

Crystals come in numerous shapes, colours and sizes; over the years they have been given names according to their significance. One of the recommended crystals for beginners to the world of crystal is the Rose Quartz.

Roze Quartz is one of the most powerful stones in promoting unconditional love and peace. It is the vital stone for the heart chakra that aids in purifying and attracting the essence of love. The Rose Quartz stone also opens the heart to accept deep inner healing and restoring peace especially after one has undergone a tragedy or trauma. Rose Quartz is an excellent stone for releasing suppressed emotions as well as soothing heartache and grief. This stone encourages forgiveness and acceptance, thus helping you recover and move on after a crisis.

This stone also aids the physical heart and improves blood circulating. It is best worn as a pendant in order for it to work closely with the heart chakra. This is also a friendly stone to improve relationship and romance. Hence, it can be placed in the bedroom or in the living room where the family gathers.

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