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Pineapple Power! Be A Pineapple – Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and be Sweet on the Inside!

But today, we’re not interested in being this magnificent fruit, but in eating it and gaining all of its health benefits within. Locally, we’ll not have problems looking for pineapples, for they are grown here in Malaysia. At the supermarket, we may have a choice as to which to buy: local or imported. However, you can be sure that as long as it’s ripe and ready to eat, you’ll be getting loads of nutrients and not to mention, a sweet, succulent taste as well!

  • Bone builder. If you thought only dairy products did that, we’ll have you know now that pineapples are rich in manganese, zinc, copper and calcium that work together in strengthening your bones.
  • Helps to reduce hypertension. Eating pineapples regularly will help maintain a healthy blood pressure, especially if yours is on the higher scale, thanks to its rich potassium content and low sodium. In some folk remedies, pineapples are taken to help relax the body.
  • May help to prevent coughs and colds! Pineapples contain bromelain, an enzyme that is uniquely found in this fruit. Bromelain has inflammatory properties that can fight infections and kill bacteria, hence regularly eating pineapples may help to prevent you from falling ill with a cough or cold.
  • Energy booster. Pineapples contain valine and leucine that help in repairing muscle tissue. Eating some ripe pineapples or drinking pineapple juice can help you overcome fatigue and boosts your stamina to keep you running the whole day.
  • For eye health. With its high Vitamin C and other antioxidant content, pineapple can reduce your risk of macular degeneration, and helps you maintain better vision.
  • Reduces stress! Pineapple has serotonin which is a natural stress buster that keeps your hormones and nerves relaxed.
  • A beauty enhancer: The juice of pineapples contain Alpha-hydroxy acid which helps to delay cell death. Try soaking a cotton pad with pineapple juice, and apply it to your face, Let it dry and rinse it off. Try it for a week and watch the difference!

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