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Stop Being So Sensitive!

According to research, around 1 in 3 people suffer from sensitive teeth – a condition also known as dentine hypersensitivity. Characterized by sharp, sudden pains in the mouth, this condition can cause a sufferer discomfort during otherwise normal daily activities such as eating, drinking, tooth-brushing, and in some cases, even breathing.

Despite this, many of its victims choose to ignore their problem, trying to endure the pain instead of treating it.

Why does it happen?

Tooth sensitivity, also known as dentin hypersensitivity, is a painful condition which can happen when tiny holes in the dentine – the soft layer of the tooth directly below the enamel on the tooth’s surface or gum, becomes exposed.

Dentine has tiny channels – tubules – that are filled with fluid. As the dentine wears down, the dentine tubules become exposed. Eating or drinking foods and drinks that are hot, cold or sweet can cause the tubule fluid to move. This fluid movement is believed to cause the nerve endings inside the tooth to react in response, triggering a twinge of discomfort or a short, sharp pain.

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the dentine wears down from gum recession, brushing too hard, from age, or from tooth grinding or whitening treatments, leaving the teeth vulnerable to sensitivity.

Many sensitivity sufferers are unaware that the condition of dentine hypersensitivity can be treated. If you experience discomfort or a short, sharp pain when eating or drinking foods that are hot, cold or sweet you may have sensitive teeth. To be sure your pain is not the result of a more serious condition, such as caries(tooth decay) or gingivitis (gum disease), consult your dentist for advice.

So what can we do about it?

To drive Malaysians to take a stand against tooth sensitivity, SENSODYNE gathered the Malaysian Dental Association, Watsons Malaysia, Home Tester Club and local personalities Fahrin Ahmad and Belinda Chee to Pledge No to Sensitivity on Thursday, 4 May 2017 at Hilton KL.

This campaign aims to educate Malaysians about the condition of tooth sensitivity as well as heightening their awareness of the methods to protect themselves from the pain.

“We understand the pain people with tooth sensitivity go through each day, having to be constantly aware of their condition and avoid certain foods or drinks to avoid triggering the pain.Hence, together, we encourage all Malaysians who suffer from tooth sensitivity to ‘Pledge No to Sensitivity’ and live a life that is free from this condition.

At GSK, we are committed to ensure that tooth sensitivity sufferers have access to our range of oral healthcare products namely SENSODYNE® Repair & Protect toothpaste, that has been proven to be effective in repairing sensitive areas of the teeth with twice daily brushing. – Stacy E. WallaceVice President and General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Malaysia and Brunei.

Based on a survey by Home Tester Club Malaysia, 99.5% of their members who tried SENSODYNE® Repair & Protect found it to be effective and subsequently ‘Pledged No to Sensitivity’ by committing to repair their sensitive teeth and protect themselves from long term pain.

Dr Ng added, “As a representative of the Malaysian Dental Association, we are committed to helpour patients in their fight against tooth sensitivity by diagnosing their condition proactively and provide them with the best, clinically proven solution that would help subdue the pain from tooth sensitivity. Therefore, I too ‘Pledge No to Sensitivity’.”

Actor and sports host, Fahrin Ahmad shared his own story of teeth sensitivity – in which he usually tries to endure the pain as he believes that it is manageable. He adds, “Sometimes the pain is bearable as it does not last very long. However, sometimes it can really ruin my day. That said, I believe that it is time I take a stand and ‘Pledge No to Sensitivity’, and stop suffering in silence.”

Belinda Chee, TV personality, said that she is ‘Pledging No to Sensitivity’ because she finds herself missing out on some of her favourite food. “When I am having a meal, I tend to watch what I am having to avoid experiencing that sudden pain. It can really be a downer especially when I am out spending time with my family. Hence, I too am committing to this pledge and look forward to being able to enjoy the little things in life.” she added.

As part of their commitment to the pledge, Fahrin and Belinda is taking a 14–day trial to test the SENSODYNE® Repair & Protect toothpaste. Throughout the two weeks, both Fahrin and Belinda will be using the toothpaste and share their experience through their social media platforms.

“We are delighted to team up with all the parties involved as we commit to this cause and stand against tooth sensitivity. Together, I believe that we would be able to drive Malaysians to repair their teeth, protect themselves from sensitivity, and help sufferers live better lives. Therefore, to all Malaysians suffering from tooth sensitivity, we invite you to take the pledge and free yourselves from sensitivity.” Stacy concluded.

But how does it work?

SENSODYNE® Repair & Protect toothpaste is the first everyday fluoridebased toothpaste containing GSK’s patented NovaMin® technology. The NovaMin® technology is a break through in oral healthcare technology that forms a harder toothlike layer over and within the exposed dentine that is up to 60% harder than the vulnerable areas, thus giving the user stronger repair. 

Tests have shown that SENSODYNE®Repair & Protect toothpaste provides clinically proven, daily protection against dentine hypersensitivity and helps strengthen enamel.

Want To Know More?

To take your stand against tooth sensitivity and ‘Pledge No to Sensitivity’, please visit the official ‘Pledge No to Sensitivity’ page (http://www.sensodynepledges.com/).

You can also visit Sensodyne Malaysia’s official website (https://www.sensodyne.com.my/).

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