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Organic Raw Food Diet: 14 Days to Super Health

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said it well: Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food. Was he talking about fried, hormone infested chicken nuggets and genetically modified, and pesticided and herbicided veggies?

Today’s modern city lifestyle is taking us to the edge: many are overweight, stressed out, overburdened. Our environment is getting more toxic. Diabetes, heart diseases and cancer are on the rise. The reason? Most if not all so-called “alternative” health practitioners do agree: we are what we eat!

Many of our readers know already the answer to health: organically grown produce, from organic brown rice and noodles to veggies and fruits. More and more people are willing to experiment with food and diets and want to know more about how to improve their health and feel good. For many it seems to be a jungle very difficult to find a way through. A somewhat new movement is making headlines and followers are raving. Raw Food seams to be the answer. Let’s find out why.

What are we eating?

First, we need a better understanding why we are eating. Do we eat just to stop being hungry or do we want to give our bodies the best fuel, so our bodies can serve us for a long time to come? When you look at the following classification of food, you may realise for the first time the power of your diet!

This clearly shows: in order to thrive in life, to have better health, we need to increase raw foods in our diets. Do you wonder what it is about raw food that makes it so valuable for us? In a nut shell: Raw foods are packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oxygen, chlorophyll, antioxidants and water, all needed to fuel our cells. But before we go deeper, let’s have a look at what cooking does to our food.

Heating-up our food above 47-48°C literally destroys the life force in it. And not only that, research has discovered, that after eating a meal of cooked food, we develop a condition that’s called leukocytosis. It means that our body identifies the cooked food as a toxin and increases the white blood cell count in order to attack what has entered the body. Eventually this reaction does weaken our immune system! Cooking also destroys up to 70% of the vitamins, 50-70% of the protein and ALL the enzymes!

Raw Food is LIFE Food

Raw food is alive, meaning high in life force like enzymes. Enzymes are the catalysts for life and play an important role in the production of our body’s energy, as well as in the repair of cells, tissues and organs. They are capable of digesting carbohydrates, proteins and fats and are needed for every chemical process in our body. In other words, enzymes are necessary to break down food particles so they can be utilised for energy. Raw vegetables and fruits are rich sources of enzymes!

Raw life food contains also lots of fibre. Fibre is needed to transport waste through our intestines. The longer the transit time, the longer the toxic waste matter sits in the bowels, allowing proteins to putrefy, fats to become rancid, and carbohydrates to ferment. The longer the body is exposed to rotting food in the intestines, the greater the risk of developing disease. Even with one bowel movement per day, and even being on a high fibre diet, there are still at least three meals’ worth of waste sitting in the colon at any given time. A person on a Standard American Diet (which might just as well be compared to a Standard Malaysian Diet) holds up to eight meals of undigested food and waste material in the colon! That’s the reason why so many on a typical chicken rice, roti and kway teow diets are suffering constipation, besides being overfed and undernourished.

Another point for raw food is that it contains much higher levels of water, which is needed as a universal solvent and regular elimination. This is a great way to hydrate our system.

Raw leafy greens contain plenty of chlorophyll. It improves digestion and aids in detoxification. Chlorophyll is similar to our blood. The central atom of blood is iron, while the central atom in plants is magnesium. Magnesium is alkalising to our body and delivers essential oxygen to our tissues and cells. Two thirds though are removed through just 20 minutes of boiling.

Raw food is for you, if you want to feel more energetic and alive, drop off some weight, have better sleep, great skin, ban food cravings for good (they come from having not enough organic minerals in your food – the biggest reason for weight gain and obesity), elevate your mood, detox your whole system. And it takes less than 14 days to feel the effect, that’s for sure!

And I am not talking about going 100% raw. This is a controversial issue and should only be done with great knowledge, great connection to your body and its needs, as well as regular blood tests and dental examinations. All health advocates though agree on having a high percentage of raw food in your diet. How high? I recommend, if your daily diet consists of 25% biogenic foods, 50% bioactive foods, and 25% biostatic foods, meaning 75% not cooked, your health would sky rocket! And of course you eliminate biocidic foods forever!

Is that achievable?

Definitely. A very easy and yummy way besides consuming more salads is by starting with green smoothies. As we learned already, we need to have plenty of greens in our diet. To eat large quantities is not easy. In order to digest them properly and to absorb all the nutrients, we need to chew them until they become very smooth and most people chewing muscles are degenerated. But if you mix your greens with fruits and blend them in a kitchen blender until very smooth, you will have your greens and they taste fantastic. You can have a litre or two a day and even your kids will like them.

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