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An Organic Approach to Treating Autistic Children

Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication and by restricted, repetitive or stereotyped behaviour

Dr Roy Dittmann, OMD, MH, an expert in prenatal and conceiving health, shared on the holistic and organic approach to conceive and bring up a healthy child at an exclusive media briefing organised by Elken last June under its highly successful Kington Minerale banner.

Dr Dittmann, author of ‘Brighton Baby: A Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child – The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception’, in the late-1980s forewarned that our existing dietary trends would lead to an exponential rise in autism, ADD, birth defects, and infertility. His Brighton Baby book series is designed to coach couples on how to reverse these trends and conceive, birth, and raise extraordinary children… organically.

Following is an excerpt of the interview held at the media briefing.

You mentioned about mineral deficiencies and you cited Kington Minerale as a good solution but what if you do not have access to Kington Minerale? What can parents do?

If you eat a really balanced diet like fresh sea fish and have lots of fruits and vegetables, you should have enough minerals. However, you have to digest those and certain children are sick and are unable to digest. Hence, Kington Minerale is a good choice as it is assimilated to passive diffusion. It doesn’t require any energy to digest it. It’s perfect for infants because infants can’t eat food yet, so you can give them this and they can get instant energy in their body.

We eat fish and vegetables but looks like many of us still have mineral deficiencies. What else can we do?

Well, continue doing that but you have to understand that heavy metals in your body suppress the genes that suppress your enzymes that help you to absorb those minerals in the first place. So you’re actually not getting the minerals in the bile in available form that will work genetically. And gene expression depends upon minerals which are at the centre linked with metalloenzyme called DNA transcriptions which translate and transcribes your DNA or your RNA. So it’s not about administrating a certain mineral when your body lacks it. That doesn’t work. It’s much more complex than that because a lot of the mineral levels that are available in your body depend upon many other factors. It depends on your emotions, your mind, even your spiritual self, all of these things inside of ourselves.

We are not just mechanistic beings. One of the areas in modern science and modern medicine is that they are trying to quantify life but that’s impossible, that’s an error. We are not just physical material beings. We are spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic beings as well. So in other words it really does help to have emotional maturity, to love other people, to be kind to people. That makes a difference in your digestion, in your mineral absorption.

You seem to single out the MMR vaccine in the danger zone. Why?

The MMR vaccine is part of the tri-factor of autism. So in other words, one of the things I tell parents is that autism equals MMR vaccine especially, antibiotic use; things like Ibuprofen within a two to three month period equals autism. Many parents don’t know that. Emergency room doctors don’t know that. In other words some babies can handle the overload on their immune system from an MMR vaccine. Certain babies cannot.

Are you against vaccines then?

No I’m not against vaccines. I am for giving vaccines in the most appropriate and intelligent and scientific way. So you have to look at when it’s appropriate. I would be very suspicious of when they are recommending 36 vaccinations by the time the child is one year old in the United States. We are putting dangerous pathogens, mercury, aluminium directly into a child’s brain to protect him or her from a disease that they should probably have anyway. We should be getting these diseases. I say let the child get these diseases. What are the chances of them dying from it or the chances of them getting sick? I did not vaccinate any of my children and they got over all those diseases within two days at the most.

So I say let them have the diseases, they should have the disease because you have to work with a good holistic paediatrician that knows how to make that immune system strong for that baby. That helps to inoculate that child. Now that baby has antibodies to do it. So if the child has antibodies, why vaccinate him? That means the immune system is working.

Can the condition of a child with autism be reversed and how long will it take to do so?

Well, every child is different. The main thing is we need to look at what caused the child autism in the first place. If I test the baby’s hair and I find that the baby has high mercury or high aluminium from the vaccine then I know the cause of the brain inflammation. That causes a whole cascade of auto immune problems, of inflammatory problems.

So what we’re trying to do is try to calm the immune system down. We try to gently eliminate all those toxins from the baby’s body and we find they start recovering and educate the moms who are willing to look at things that are hard to look at. Things like vaccine, parasites, and heavy metals. It’s hard for moms to know that they poison their own child by using makeup, shampoo that have hormonal disrupting chemicals in them. They have to take a hard look at that and that’s not easy. For parents who do then they can understand how to unravel it.

How many children have you helped to reverse autism?

Well first of all I’m not an autism doctor. I’m on the prevention of autism; very distinct. But I do treat certain ones that I know I can help but that’s not my specialty. I’m a perinatal specialist – so I’m on the comprehensive side of it, around two years before conception to the first to the first three years of life. That’s the perinatal period and I teach parents how to avoid these problems in the first place – that’s what I do.

My son was born with autism in 1992 and I was a perinatal specialist then. So here I am a perinatal specialist who has a child with autism, and I thought I knew a lot. I felt guilty and depressed too. As a parent I felt like I failed to protect my baby. So I had to look at things I didn’t want to look at. However, I helped to resolve his condition successfully within six years.

You can follow Dr. Dittmann on Facebook at Brighton Baby and at BrightonBaby.com.


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