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One Simple Step Can Protect You From Infectious Diseases


Did you know that just by washing your hands with the newly launched BETADINE Antiseptic Skin Cleanser could lower the risk of getting Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (HFMD)?

BETADINE Antiseptic Skin Cleanser has been clinically proven to kill 99.99% of leading strains of HFMD, a viral infection that has increased rapidly in Malaysia recently, affecting young children primarily.

A total of 23,454 HFMD cases were reported from 3 January to 6 August nationwide last year, which equals to 757 cases per week. It was so bad that authorities was urged to take urgent measures to contain it.

HFMD cases in Malaysia are caused by Coxsackie Virus A36 (CA16) and Enterovirus 71 (EV71). Everyone is at risk but children under 10 years old are more vulnerable to it as they have yet to develop antibodies or immunity from previous exposures to them. There is currently no specific treatment for HFMD.

How HFMD Spreads

“HFMD viruses are highly contagious as it spreads through physical contact or contaminated surfaces, which is why it occurs in outbreaks. Mild cases have recovery rates of 7 to 10 days. However, in severe cases of HFMD, patients develop viral meningitis or encephalitis or poliomyelitis-like paralysis and may require hospitalisation of several days,” shared PD. Dr. Maren Eggers, Head of Virology and Disinfectant Testing, Labor Prof. G. Enders & Partner, Stuttgart, Germany.

Prevention is Better Than Cure (There is No Cure, anyway)

The best way to significantly lower to risk of contracting HFMD is through the simple yet effective habit of washing hands frequently, according to Dr. Eggers. This is in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of home, schools and offices.

Dr. Maren Eggers with the Mundipharma team

Dr. Maren Eggers with the Mundipharma team and the BETADINE Antiseptic Skin Cleanser

BETADINE Antiseptic Skin Cleanser has passed the EN14476 test standard, achieving a 99.99% success rate in killing the EV71 and CA16 viruses. It contains the active ingredient, 7.5% povidone-iodine, which is scientifically proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses that causes infections.

The antiseptic wash is golden brown in colour, which helps indicate areas of the skin that has been washed without staining the skin, fingernails or hair. If the user has washed their hands thoroughly, the brown colour would be washed away – this is a useful indicator to determine if children and adults have washed their hands properly.

Due to its antiseptic qualities, BETADINE Antiseptic Skin Cleanser can be used daily when there is risk of an infectious disease. It is advisable to wash your hands with it upon returning home from work or travels, before touching your loved ones and home surfaces.

It is available at pharmacies and healthcare providers nationwide at the price of RM9.90 (60ml) and RM12.90 (100ml).

Betadine Antiseptic Skin Cleanser


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