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OEW Group Building Launch and Mentorship Project

Last Saturday, OEW Group Pte Ltd (OEW), a skincare company, officiated its new building at Taman Perindustrian Teknologi Tinggi Subang Jaya with a ribbon cutting ceremony. To double the joy, the company announced a special tie up with technology savvy non-governmental organization, The Giving Bank, on an educational charitable initiative.

OEW Group donated RM5,000 and kick-started a mentorship project with The Giving Bank for 13 teenage girls from SHELTER (Home for Children) which houses those who are abused, neglected or abandoned. These girls will be given the opportunity to equip themselves with the necessary life skills that will be useful to build a secured and promising future.

The mentorship program involves the facilitation of a personal development course consisting 5 foundational (soft and practical skill) modules that encourages creativity, character building, communication, financial management and entrepreneurship.

Each module is carefully curated to infuse qualities aligned with professional market expectations so that the children upon completing their secondary/tertiary education can confidently approach the workforce or even start up a business of their choice.

OEW believes in constant learning and knowledge consumption, with hopes that the children will benefit greatly from this mentorship programme.

The officiation ceremony, was followed by a luncheon and an array of stirring performances from the very humorous Mr. Bean and Charlie show to a spine chilling Punjabi cultural performance from the Dhol Federation.

OEW group launches new building

The ribbon cutting ceremony

OEW contributed generously towards educating the next generation in collaboration with The Giving Bank, on an educational charitable initiative.

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