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NLP: All You Need To Move Forward With Confidence And Dignity

Have you ever experienced difficulty doing what you know should do and reverting to the old ways that no longer serve you well? Did it ever cross your mind that the only one stopping you from being all you can be is your own self? One woman may have the answer. Florence Tee, the founder of Noodle NLP has spent most of her time training and coaching her clients so that they can live a life that they deserve. Being a mother of three, a happy wife, trainer and an entrepreneur, she feels that she wouldn’t have achieved all that if she didn’t get to know more about NLP. She is a certified trainer of NLP, Timeline Therapy™ and Master Coach of NLP. On top of that, she is also a hypnotherapist.

NLP, or Neurolinguistic Programming, is the study of human experience, communication, thinking, language, behaviour and noticing conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns. It is about modelling excellence and understanding the process of how we communicate to ourselves and others.
Why would people be interested in NLP? We are humans and thus, having emotions are normal. However, having too many negative emotions may not be good for us at all. When was the last time you made a decision based on our anger or angst and regretted making such a decision? Having an accumulation of negative emotions does not help us in making wise decisions, for our minds are not clear and this blocks the access to our resources that we have in our minds.

These negative emotions cause stress and health problems such as pain along the spine as that is where these uncomfortable or painful emotions are stored. Stress may also cause digestion issues, depression and anxiety. Here’s the thing – many people tend to solve their problems with medication, not knowing the side effects that they may have to endure. The beautiful thing about NLP is that it can help to remove the negative emotions and even the limiting beliefs, traumas and more in just a short period of time without even requiring the clients to recall their past memories.

Many people wish to see positive changes in themselves but they may find it challenging as they keep sticking to their old routine and habits the same way at the unconscious level. Well, it is all about our mind and how our mind has been programmed, either the right or wrong way since young. We are not responsible for the programme that was installed along the way since young BUT we are definitely responsible for fixing them and to get them aligned the right way.

According to Florence, we can’t change our surroundings and how people think BUT we can change how we see things from a different perspective. We can change our perceptions towards others and situations, and by doing so, we can change our reactions. By changing the way we react, we can change our behaviour. Therefore, we are also able to change other people’s beliefs and by changing their beliefs, we then can change the world. Having the right mindset is that important.

Florence loves her job and among those she has helped are single mothers, who needed help in sorting out their negative emotions. Business owners who tend to procrastinate and not achieve their life goals also consult her for coaching sessions. Besides that, she even uses NLP techniques for weight management without the use of any medication.

Florence herself has been through traumatic experiences in her past marriage, which left her with insomnia for a year due to being haunted by unpleasant memories. It was so severe that it held her back from moving forward in her life. She then attended an intensive NLP training that eventually led her to become a trainer. According to Florence, the NLP training was a life-changing experience. She claimed that every individual should have their mind reengineered and reprogrammed at least once in their lives as it will benefit them greatly in all areas such as relationships, business, career, health, communication and more.

If you are looking for NLP courses in Malaysia, the award-winning Noodle NLP is the best NLP training available. It offers a whole range of NLP courses that are relevant, both to the NLP novice as well as the more experienced students. All of her training classes are approved by the biggest certification board in the world, ABNLP (The American Board of NLP) and all the courses are taught to their standards.

For more information and inquiries on Noodle NLP or to sign up for a course, WhatsApp: 013-2028866 or email noodlenlp@yahoo.com.

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