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New Dad-To-Be Survival Guide

So, you wish to be a daddy? Well first and foremost, for that to happen, you’ll have to impregnate your partner.

If you’re wondering how you’re doing so far, here are six reliable signs that indicate that your dance of love did the trick.

Bigger, more sensitive boobs

You’re definitely not going to miss this clue, that’s for sure.

She seems to be constantly tired lately

Is she taking a lot more naps than usual? Before you start complaining, do know that tiredness is one of the earliest clues of pregnancy.

She’s been acting like an anorexic lately!

If you have been observing that practically everything that goes in comes out soon enough with your wife/partner, don’t lecture her about this absurd ‘behaviour’ just yet. Queasiness or nausea is a perfect norm for a pregnant woman.

Skipping to the loo more often than usual

So, she’s peeing a whole lot lately, even getting up at night to pay visits to the loo? Well, well… you may have to brace yourself for fatherhood.

“I need to eat a tube of toothpaste. Now!”

If your woman starts to develop a fancy for the abnormal in terms of diet preference, like for instance, an insatiable yearning for burnt toast or roast rabbit or cat food, it might actually be scarily normal for some pregnant women, so get ready for an interesting ride, papa!

There’s a new cry baby in town, and it isn’t an infant

The slightest thing seems to be setting of the waterworks lately? You might be facing the reality of what it means to be hormonal as the result of becoming pregnant.

The Pregnancy

Ever since you found out that the both of you were going to have a baby together, life with your partner seems to have literally taken a turn. If that’s the case, take a deep breath and rest assured that you, like many dads before you, will get through this and you will soon be able to hold your little bundle of joy in your arms!

Be supportive

A woman expecting her first baby has entered a whole new world. There’s a lot to take in, her hormones are going crazy, she’s tired, irritable, sick, her body is changing and a demanding little person you helped create is growing inside her. In just a few months that tiny little being will be out to greet you one way or the other. That’s really something, isn’t it? Read on and know what to expect.

During the first trimester

This is where the going starts to get tough for her. Hormones may make her moody, she might experience bouts of morning sickness and she’s going to feel tired, so do let her know that you understand and that you will be there for her every step of the way! Make sure she gets lots of rest. Hint: How about a little help with the household chores? Breakfast in bed (although we can’t guarantee that it won’t come right out again!), is always a welcome sight!

Second trimester

The possibility is high that the worst is over and that things have settled down, so to speak. Your lady has probably stopped being sick and her hormones have found their balance now.

This is also the perfect time to do lots of stuff together to prepare for the arrival of your baby. Consider going to those antenatal classes with her and read some of the baby books she’s bought. If you yearn for more ‘manlier’ stuff to do, try researching buggies, car seats and cots. You can also begin setting up the nursery!

There’ll be doctor’s visits on the agenda, so, if possible, do take time off work to go with her. Even if she says she can go on her own, the mother of your child could do with your company to these visits, trust us! Besides, there’ll be ultrasound scans and you want to see your baby on the screen too, don’t you?

Third trimester

No, my dear man, your lady hasn’t secretly been at the pies! – There’s a baby in her belly and it’s growing bigger every day. By the end of the pregnancy she might be sore, tired, feeling huge and just wanting the whole pregnancy to be over and done with. So, while she’s busy keeping on top of the practical things and making all the necessary preparations for the big day and beyond, do try to pamper her a bit – make the dinner and run her a nice warm bath – believe us, every little bit counts!

Anytime now!

Anywhere from 38 weeks your baby will make his or her debut, so you’re going to have to say no to that outstation work trip and oh yeah, do stay off the booze too, in case you suddenly have to drive to the hospital.

The thing is, she’ll probably be more nervous than you about the fact that a baby is going to come out shortly, so be reassuring. Spare a thought about how you’d feel if you were about to give birth. Got that image in your head? Right, now go give your loved one a much-needed hug or cuddle!

Who’s who in the hospital

You’ll be meeting at the very least, three medical professionals during the delivery, who will be there for the two of you and your baby, so do take a moment to learn more about who they are and what they do.

The hospital midwife

This is someone who you might see a few times during ante-natal appointments. She’ll look after things during the labour and may even deliver the baby. In some areas local GP practices have community midwives who might start making home visits before the birth. They can provide further care and all sorts of useful practical advice when you get back home with your precious little bundle.

Obstetrician – A pregnant lady’s doctor

Pregnancy isn’t an illness, hence these doctors only get involved if there are problems that need extra special care. An obstetrician is a doctor specialising in the care of women during the whole pregnancy process.

Paediatrician – looks after babies

This is a doctor specialising in the care of babies and children. Again, you’ll only see a paediatrician if the baby has a special health problem, or if the labour has been difficult and had thus effected your baby’s well-being.

Keep calm

Giving birth can be a very stressful experience for a woman, so while it may be a bit of a struggle for her to keep calm, you need to be completely so and keep a cool head about it. This may even turn out to be an emotional rollercoaster but you can handle it. – You might see your partner in pain, or there might be an emergency, or you might get shouted at. Just remember that it will be over before you know it! Yes, throughout all of this you have to exude the coolness of Mr James Bond himself… (We meant that figuratively – you do not have to turn up at the delivery room in a tuxedo!)

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