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Nessa Presents The Future Of Hearing Care Innovation

Nessa (Asia’s most innovative hearing care solutions) has officially launched the Nessa brand and its innovative hearing solutions to the Malaysian media.

This could not have been timelier as Malaysia gets noisier, to a level that jeopardises health — young and old alike.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that the prevalence of disabling hearing loss in adults (65+) is highest in South East Asia (48%) and Asia Pacific (43.5%). Globally, there are 360 million persons in the world with disabling hearing loss. In Malaysia, 30% of the 3.8 million elderlies have some degree of hearing loss.

Dangers Of Noise Pollution

Our modern lifestyle is constantly exposing us to noise pollution, be it at work or at recreational activities – that leads to a decrease in the average age of when hearing loss occurs. In 2015, WHO reported that 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe sounds levels (from prolonged exposure to personal audio devices, clubs, concerts and noisy workplaces).

Occupational health doctor Dr. Abed Onn stated that hearing loss is one of the top 3 occupational diseases in Malaysia alongside lower back pain and upper limb muscular disorders.

To obtain a better picture of the hearing conditions in Malaysia, Nessa released findings of a national survey conducted since January. According to the survey, 65% have not done a hearing test before. The top three hearing issues or related symptoms Malaysians experience are ringing in the ears (40%), giddiness/dizziness (25%) and difficulties in hearing (22%).

More than 50% said that by hearing better, they could improve interactions with friends and families, and over 30% said they would be able to do lot of things like before and boost their confidence.

Dr Ogan Gurel, Acting Medical Officer at Nessa PTE, who is also a technology expert and medical futurist, shared insights into the future of healthcare concepts & technologies.

The healthcare technologies of the future will place emphasis on health sciences in healthcare management – which means applied sciences would address the use of science, technology, engineering or mathematics in the delivery of healthcare.

The Importance Of Hearing Care

Touching on healthcare technologies for the human senses; specifically hearing, Ogan said, “Hearing health is deeply integral to our ability to function and thrive as social beings and deeply influences our overall brain health. By taking care of our hearing, whether it being taking care to avoid loud sounds that can set us on that pathway to hearing loss, or by using hearing aids that can significantly ameliorate both the perceptual and, when properly fitted and regularly used, the comprehension deficits in hearing loss,” said Ogan.

A number of studies echoed Dr Ogan’s insights on the link between hearing loss and capability of the brain functions. A Johns Hopkins study found that hearing loss is associated with an accelerated cognitive decline in older adults and that seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing.

Addressing Hearing Loss

Brandeis University Professor of Neuroscience, Dr. Arthur Wingfield, who has been studying cognitive ageing and the relationship between memory and hearing acuity said unaddressed hearing loss not only affects the listener’s ability to “hear” the sound accurately, but it also affects higher-level cognitive function.

Dato Dr. Rajbans Singh, President of the Malaysian Wellness Society explained that healthy aging is very important to ensure ‘wellness’ & quality of life for seniors. “As we age, we lost many physical abilities like chewing & digesting, lack of agility, poorer memory, eyesight and hearing quality.

“Hearing loss impacts our day-to-day functions, communications and relationships with our loved ones and family. Many seniors with hearing loss experience disconnection, isolation and spiralled into depression. Improved hearing definitely means improved quality of life, said Dr Rajbans.

Hearing Aids Improves Lives

Steve Yap, actor/model has tinnitus since 10 years ago which affected his work and day-to- day life. Steve’s mother also suffered from hearing loss and dementia. Steve has found it difficult to communicate with his mum and consequently, both felt frustrated. All these changed for the better after his mum started using a pair of hearing aids from Nessa, which helped to improve communications between mother and son and restore a happy family dynamics.

According to research, 90% of Malaysians with hearing loss do not use hearing aids in spite of the potential physical and psychological consequences it may have on their lives. Most perceived hearing device is costly or wearing them means one must be ‘old’ and ‘disabled”. Some also thinks that hearing loss is part of ageing and therefore ignore the problem. Some might even have bought an amplifier which could have exacerbated hearing conditions.

“Hearing aids, like spectacles to the eyes, should be viewed as a “support system” to help regulate health and quality of hearing. Hearing loss is part of life’s natural progression and is inevitable as you age. Hence, one should do a hearing check annually like they would with a body check to diagnose and pre-empt early onslaught of hearing issues,” said Olivier.

Better Hearing With Nessa

Nessa presented the future of hearing care solutions to suit modern lifestyles, which essentially addresses three key areas: “Stigma, Convenience & Cost”.

Nessa is the first hearing care provider to offer testing and hearing aid fitting and adjustments remotely from the comfort and convenience of any location you may be in. Customers have unlimited support from Audiologists at the comfort of their home and dedicated call centre support by Hearing & Lifestyle Advisors. This makes it easy, enjoyable and convenient for customers.

With world-class hearing devices made in Denmark, the hearing aids provided by Nessa are co-designed with Apple, made for TV and made-for-iPhone.

Hearing devices provided by Nessa are light and comfortable, weigh 3 grams and are as small as a 10-cent coin. They are almost invisible when worn. This would address any stigma for anyone resistant to wear a hearing aid.
Nessa has created a world’s first – a bundle which includes not only hearing aids, but also a combination of attractive lifestyle privileges, products and services such as a free 40″ LCD TV, free shopping vouchers or instant cashback or even a free iPhone. This translates into more savings and value when you purchase one of Nessa’s hearing care packages.

For more information, please login to www.nessa.my or call 1800281180

Nessa ReSound LiNX2 5

Our hearing aid is ideal for users who are sociable, but are mostly active in less noisy environments. ReSound LiNX2 5 includes essential 2.4GHz wireless benefits such as ear-to-ear communication and is made for iPhone connectivity alongside smart ReSound technologies for effortless hearing.


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