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Nano Singapore – Creating Trust Through Stellar Products

For the last decade, amid the mounting worldwide interest in “well-being”, people quite naturally started to pay attention to the ingredients of what they take every day as well. It’s a global trend taking place everywhere, including in Singapore. At the time of the foundation, the aim of Nano Singapore was to be the provider of products that meet the needs of the times. The main issue they faced was finding products that not only improve the quality of people’s health but also create a feeling of trust at the same time.

“With the two important elements in mind, we initiated beauty and health supplements which are made of all-natural ingredients that are trustworthy,” shared the brand’s Marketing Manager, Alyca. “It was apparent that we needed to find reliable sources of the raw materials and the manufacturing process to ensure the quality and safety of the products in a more organized way. So we acquired the group title in (pls insert year) and since then we have made every effort to use 100% all-natural ingredients, and we have developed and maintained the quality of the products and make consumers’ lives better through them.

Modern consumers know exactly what they want

The needs and wants of modern consumers undergo changes in accordance with their lifestyle, age, etc, and this includes the area of  health and wellness. Their requirements are getting tighter too, and it can prove to be quite challenging to satisfy the demands on the market.

Nano Singapore has strived to be more competitive and innovative and respond better to consumer requirements. All product batches are third-party tested and certified using only 100% all-natural ingredients in order to set them apart from other brands. All of the products are manufactured in only FDA approved and GMP certified facilities in the US. Efforts have also been taken to develop new high quality products and designs to make consumers happy and to offer the top level customer service for 101% customer satisfaction. At the end
of the day, the aim is to deliver what consumers want and need.

It’s ultimately about keeping up with the times and providing the finest and trustful products for today’s discerning consumers.

For A Plethora Of Health And Wellness Needs

The brand’s products are very well-received by customers and it could be said that there are around six best-sellers: Lean Body Formula, Garcinia Cambogia Extreme, Male Max Extreme, Digestive Formula, Joint Wellness Formula, 15 Day Colon Detox Formula and Apple Cider Vinegar Extreme. They are both the brand’s best sellers as well as steady sellers. Aside from the common feature “100% all-natural ingredients” across all the products, each of them has its own benefits.

Lean Body Formula includes ingredients such as raspberry ketone and garcinia cambogia, which are well known as Dr. Oz’s best sellers. As Lean Body Formula maximizes weight loss management and supports appetite, it is a very popular go-to among customers who want to reduce their weight.

Garcinia Cambogia Extreme is also loved by the customers. This product assists maximum weight management with the highest garcinia cambogia HCA potency (95%), while many others only contain between 30~50% of HCA.

Male Max Extreme is a superb libido and stamina support supplement for men. It also has the most reviews on their website. The product has 18 ultra-potent herbs and among them are tongkat ali, maca and ginseng to make sexual performance stronger.

The brand’s Joint Wellness Formula contains 1500mg triple strength glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric and MSM which help to support healthy joints and mobility. “ It has helped improve the lives of customers who have joint issues and these customers have been expressing their gratitude towards our company and our products, Alyca revealed.

“Another one of our best sellers, 15 Day Colon Detox Formula, is an all-natural slimming and detox body cleanser supplement. This product allows the user to feel differences in just 15 days with its 11 effective ingredients including acai berry fruit extract,” she continued.
This month’s brand story features a leader in health supplement products in Singapore. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Nano  Singapore has also been consistently growing and has gained a worldwide reputation for highly effective and affordable products.

Also on the best-seller list is Apple Cider Vinegar Extreme, which continues to gain popularity. ACV is widely used by celebrities for weight management. It’s a capsule typed ACV supplement, making it suitable, and not to mention, ever so convenient for on-the-go.
The brand is widely supported by countless consumers and is happy to be able to touch so many lives. Here, we get to share a handful of real-life stories on how Nano Singapore changed the lives of consumers.

A Flip Toward Better Health With A Remarkable Detox Product

One consumer, Serene, a fulltime mom, could hardly find time to exercise to keep fit and de-stress, and her mealtimes were irregular too. The only time she got to go out for a walk was when she was sending her children to school and back. This inevitably resulted in her putting on more weight than she wanted to, and what’s worse, she also felt that her metabolism was out of whack. She was fortunate enough to have discovered the 15 Day Colon Detox Formula. After taking it, she felt free from that distressful bloated feeling and felt so much lighter too. With a boosted metabolism and an overall feeling of heightened wellness, she ultimately felt happier too.

Another consumer, Maybelline, who previously thought that ingesting soluble fibre and prune juice were the best ways to detox was surprised to find that Nano Singapore’s Detox product worked much better! Being an individual who was very particular about her diet since young, she still experienced sensitivity in her gut as well as irritable bowel syndrome. She decided to try the brand’s Detox as well as Probiotics products owing to the fact that they were made in an FDA registered facility, contained no chemicals, sweeteners or preservatives and used only non-GMO ingredients. She has since regained regular bowel movements and experienced less tummy-bloating – all without any side-effects that she usually experiences with other products.

The Detox Formula also worked tremendously well for consumer JlJln Fu, who took it together with the brand’s Lean Body Formula – he managed to shed 12 kilogrammes in just 8 months! He found it less cumbersome to stick to the programme as the products were in pill form, hence he adhered to it no matter where he was. He finds that the Detox product has reduced his cravings for sweet foods and that the Lean Body Formula effectively burns off unwanted fat! Today, he feels healthier than ever and enjoys going to the gym three times a week.

Turning things around for consumers with joint issues

Joint problems are no longer restricted to the elderly, for even younger people are beginning to experience it today due to unhealthy habits and lifestyles. In the case of Weishing, 36, he started to feel concerned about joint care after a close friend of his had to undergo surgery for an ALC tear. As a project manager, Weishing himself was already feeling some joint pain and soreness after jogging for long distances even though he is in his 30s. He decided to start taking joint care seriously and turned to Joint Wellness Formula. He could see marked improvements and to his relief, his joints began to feel less stressed and functioned better too. In his message of gratitude, he told the company that he still takes Joint Wellness Formula and that his joints no longer feel soft and tender and his knees are no longer creaky.

Similar sentiments were also reflected by another consumer, IT project manager Choon Hong, 36. At his somewhat young age, his knees were starting to act up, and he found long hours of walking around and shopping became troublesome. His joints also seemed to give off some squeaky sounds when he climbed up and down staircases! His girlfriend, who noticed these issues gave him Nano Singapore’s Joint Formula to try and after about a month, he was amazed by the results! At first, he thought that it’s probably just a placebo effect, but he soon realised that the product really did relieve him of tightness in his joints and also, the squeaky sounds from his joints have reduced

An Immunity Booster To Be Reckoned With

Living with compromised immunity really lowers the quality of life. It can bring about a feeling of weakness as well as a general feeling of poor health. One individual who can fully testify to this is David, a 36-year old IT programmer, who has endured ill health for more than 10 years. He suffered a double whammy when an appendicitis ordeal turned into an infection and he had to be warded for 10 days. He found it difficult to put on weight and his ill- health just spiralled out of control after that. No matter what he tried, nothing seemed to work.

Fed up, David surfed the Internet to find help and came across Nano Singapore’s Probiotic 40 Billion CFU. He wasn’t expecting the results that followed though, for he was making progress at last, after 10 years of trying to get better. His energy level has improved, he no longer has constipation, he enjoys more restful sleep and has also managed to gain some healthy weight! David revealed in his testimonial that this product has given him a second chance to live well again, for, at the end of the day, he always knew that his gut health affected this whole body.

In yet another case, a 70-year old grandmother was given the best gift when her grandson, Mr Liao, introduced her to the benefits of
Probiotic 40 Billion CFU. his grandmother has been enduring chronic sinus, stomach bloating, constipation, fatigue as well as rashes. She shared with Liao that all her medications only seem to provide temporary relief. However, after taking the product her grandson recommended to her, her health conditions have improved by peals and bounds! According to her, it’s like a witch’s curse has been removed!

When it comes to health consumers constantly feel the need to be able to trust a brand to deliver what it promises. There are just too many products out there that cost a lot of money yet do not meet the needs of consumers. For years, Nano Singapore received countless precious feedback from their customers, and this is what matters the most to the brand – to be able to satisfy the needs and wants of users.

For more information, visit www.nanosingaporeshop.com.

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