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100Comments.com Mummy Blogger Party

The Mummy Blogger Party took place last Saturday at Bucket B Cafe, Jaya One. It was held in conjunction with the Happy Family Healthy Home Christmas Bazaar at The School, Jaya One.

We began with some exercise, stretches and loads of smiles thanks to IPOD (Inner peace outer dynamism)!

100Comments Mummy Blogger Party

Nothing like some smooth IPOD moves to start the day right!

Showing off some IPOD moves

Let’s strettttch!

Yup, kids love the IPOD moves too!

Then we had Gertrude Martin of The Children’s House who shared about the benefits the early childhood education and the Montessori method. The Children’s House is the first to introduce the Montessori method to Malaysia 28 years ago, and is one of the undisputed leaders for early childhood education in the country. Gertrude has been with The Children’s House for 15 years and she is now in charge of the operations across all 12 schools.

Gertrude Martin of The Children House speaking of the importance of early childhood education and the effectiveness of the Montessori learning method

Our second talk of the day was given by Adeline Yap of T&T Bio Health Trading who spoke on the dangers of fluoride and why Dr. Sam’s Bio Oral Care Fluoride-Free Whitening Toothpaste is good for our health.

100Comments Mummy Blogger Party

Adeline Yap of T&T Bio Health Trading speaking on the dangers of fluoride and why Dr. Sam’s Bio Oral Care Fluoride-Free Whitening Toothpaste is good for our health


“Wow, I can’t wait to try Dr. Sam’s Bio Oral Care Fluoride-free Whitening Toothpaste!”

One happy mummy and cute kids!

Here are some more photos of the other activities at the event!

MamaPapa Editor Nazrah with a lucky draw winner with her cutie pie!


Having fun at the Bucket B Cafe’s play pen


Hellooo there!


We love 100Comments!


Santa made an appearance too!


Hi from everyone!

This event was hosted by 100Comments.com, Malaysia’s first consumer review and social discovery network. Our mission is to be a platform where reviewers can share their opinions and experiences on the latest and greatest brands. We have thousands of products listed on our website you can review and which has been reviewed. And we have daily contests and giveaways on our Facebook and website, so check us out!



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