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Minimalist Japanese Luxury Skincare Brand meeth Rides the J-Beauty Wave into Malaysia, Combining Natural Ingredients with Cutting-Edge Innovation

J-Beauty (also known as Japanese beauty) refers to a wide range of cosmetics and personal care formulations, with roots linked to the history of Geishas, Japan’s traditional female entertainers. As Geishas placed heavy emphasis on having perfect skin, they created specific beauty rituals which ranged from well-crafted skincare routines to the consumption of foods that improved skin health. Today, J-Beauty has grown to become one of the world’s most influential beauty trendsetters and is still on the rise, with J-Beauty products growing in popularity around the world, coupled with the expansion of Japan’s cosmetics exports. The J-beauty skincare routine adheres to the “less-is-more” principle, employing a small number of products with minimal yet effective active ingredients. This principle is highly acclaimed by celebrities all around the world, including celebrities in the Malaysian community such as Lisa Surihani and Alicia Amin.

Enter meeth, a luxurious Japanese skincare brand which has established their presence in Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and now, Malaysia. As an innovative J-beauty brand that combines cutting-edge Japanese innovation with naturally-derived ingredients, meeth’s skincare philosophy is based on mild, skin-nourishing ingredients and modern technology’s limitless, new capabilities. The brand name meeth means “me forever”, and the brand’s creations revolve around the concept that “beautiful skin is the best jewel”, with a dream and the simple premise of delivering beautiful skin to women of any age. More importantly, the brand’s conception was driven by the motivation to give women confidence through their skin.

The brand is founded by Japanese model and celebrity Sonmi, a proven disruptor in the realm of beauty and skincare. With the view that “beauty means confidence”, the former model is a firm believer in the intertwining of inner and exterior beauty, with an inexhaustible enthusiasm to help others fall in love with their skin and discover real self-confidence.

meeth has a skin-friendly approach, focusing more on what’s healthy and what actually makes the skin happy. Every meeth elixir has been meticulously created to withstand the test of time, to serve as long-lasting skincare solutions for both men and women of all ages, as well as for future generations. From the outset, meeth sourced for natural substances with multi-purpose benefits, in alignment with what Japanese Beauty stands for. As a result, meeth’s products combine mineral-rich water sourced from Sapporo and Iwanai in Hokkaido, with skin-loving compounds like Fullerenes and Pentavitin. These are ingredients that have been utilised in skincare for a long time, but the effectiveness of these ingredients in skincare products have now been elevated by contemporary technologies employed by meeth.

Furthermore, meeth is a circular brand, as everything they make and deliver is recyclable and made out of recycled materials. meeth has the firm belief that in current times, one cannot exist as a manufacturing company if one does not learn to care for the environment and others first. meeth does not conduct any form of animal testing in the making of its products, as this practice is considered by the brand to be not just cruel, but also immoral.

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meeth products are available to purchase at their official website and on Lazada.

To receive regular updates, please follow their Instagram, @meethglobal.

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