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Meet The Smartest Water Ionizer Machine Ever

One of the best ways to keep your family safe and healthy is to invest in a quality water filter. Not only does the filtering process remove waterborne debris or bacteria, but it also helps tap water taste fresher. A water filter installed in your home not only ensures that you can enjoy clear tasting water straight from the tap, you also protect your appliances from scale build-up that reduces the energy efficiency of your appliances. Chlorine and lead can be found in our water supplies. It’s your right to drink clean and healthy water. And what better way to consume healthy water than the alkaline ionized water that contains a lot of hydrogen resulting in a host of health-boosting effects.

Alkaline Water by AlkalifeTM

Alkaline water produced by AlkalifeTM is an advanced alkaline water filter and ionizer system that produces one of the highest antioxidants levels of drinking water; up to – 900 ORP (which is actually equivalent to 4 full lemons).

Elizabeth, the brand’s signature 9 titanium and platinum plates water ionizer offers 10 full years of warranty for all parts, and a lifetime warranty for the plates. Sleek and stylish, its unique design is the world’s first, with the latest cutting edge technology and largest LCD screen to allow ease of use for consumers.

Elizabeth features 5 Levels of alkaline, whereby it can be used to soak vegetables and fruits to remove pesticides and 4 levels of acidic water. Hence, it is useful for watering plants, washing the face, helping with skin diseases such as eczema, and even sterilising surfaces. Elizabeth is a smart machine that indicates the user’s consumption level, the pH of water that is being consumed, recommended usage, and even when to change the filters. It also allows self-diagnosis and troubleshooting of any technical errors, displaying step by step instructions on the screen.

With water disruptions and frequent water rationing in Malaysia, Elizabeth is exceptionally indispensable, with two extensive external and internal filters each to ensure the elimination of bacteria, chlorine, parasites, metals and sediment, while retaining the best minerals contained in the water, such as calcium and magnesium. Rest assured, Elizabeth is 100% chemical-free.

For more information, visit www.alkalifewater.com.my or www.facebook.com/Alkalifewatermy.

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