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Mandarin PIE: Nurturing Confident Mandarin Learners

Mandarin PIE, located in Penang, Malaysia, is renowned for its exceptional Mandarin language learning programme tailored for children aged 3 to 12. This innovative programme employs the latest research-based techniques to enhance children’s proficiency in the Chinese language, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking high-quality Mandarin education for their kids.

Personalised Learning for Diverse Styles:

Mandarin PIE stands out by catering to the diverse learning styles of children, acknowledging that each child possesses a unique way of learning. The programme recognises and embraces seven distinct learning styles, including Verbal, Visual, Physical, Social, Solitary, Logical, and Auditory. This approach ensures that each child receives instruction aligned with their individual strengths and preferences, maximising their learning potential.

Inclusive Learning for All:

Mandarin PIE adopts an inclusive approach, welcoming both Mandarin-Speakers and Non-Mandarin Speakers. For Mandarin-speaking children, the programme offers specialised Prep classes focused on vital skills such as reading, hanyu pinyin, writing, literature, and grammar, effectively preparing them for success in the Chinese Primary school programme. On the other hand, Non-Mandarin Speakers benefit from the PIE (Play, Interest, Engagement) programmes, carefully crafted to guide them from zero Mandarin proficiency to becoming confident speakers and readers. What’s more, the Mandarin PIE programme aligns seamlessly with the internationally recognised HSK syllabus, ensuring that children gain proficiency that is internationally benchmarked.

Preparation for Chinese School:

For Non-Mandarin Speakers aspiring to enrol in Chinese School (SJKC), Mandarin PIE offers comprehensive support. Their programme is thoughtfully designed to fully prepare these children for the unique challenges of Chinese School, equipping them with the necessary language skills and cultural understanding required to thrive in such an environment. Over the past six years Mandarin PIE has successfully prepared hundreds of children to be happy, comfortable and confident when entering Standard 1.

Cultural Enrichment:

Going beyond language skills, the Mandarin PIE Club adds another layer of enrichment by providing a wide range of engaging activities, all conducted in Mandarin. These activities include storytelling, drama, games, music, and crafts, not only reinforcing language skills but also immersing children in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. This fosters friendships, enhances their multilingual abilities, and broadens their worldview.

Mandarin PIE in Penang, Malaysia, is more than just a language programme; it’s a comprehensive journey of language and cultural discovery for children. With its personalised approach, inclusive philosophy, and comprehensive offerings, Mandarin PIE empowers children to become not only confident Mandarin speakers and readers but also culturally aware global citizens.

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