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Malaysian Favorites – Minus the Calories!

Fat Recommendations

The amount of fat you need each day depends on your calorie needs. The Institute of Medicine recommends adults consume between 20 to 35 percent of their daily calories from fat. One gram of fat provides 9 calories.

According to the RNI Malaysia, adult men need between 2,010 to 2,460 calories daily, while women require 1,780 to 2,180 calories daily to maintain a healthy weight. However, the specific calorie needs are based on your current body weight and your activity level.

For example, you would need 40 to 70 grams of fat when consuming a 1,800-calorie diet per day; 44 to 78 grams if eating a 2,000-calorie diet per day.

As shown above, 1 bowl of Curry Mee has 36.9 grams of fat, which is half of the daily allowance of fat (70 grams – 78 grams) for a 1800-calorie to 2000-calorie diet.

If you plan to have Curry Mee as your breakfast, try to opt for something which is lighter for your lunch and dinner. (Please refer to the menu planning)

Mix and match your food as following:

Tips for having Malaysian foods in a healthy way

(a) Balance: Eat high calories foods in moderate amounts and balance them with nutrient-wise choices for the rest of the day.

(b) Always ask for more for the following aspects:

  • Ask for smaller portions when eating out.
  • Ask for less oil in your fried noodles or fried rice.
  • Ask for less salt or no added MSG in your foods.
  • Ask for less sugar in your beverage.
  • Check the menu description and ask for how a particular dish is prepared.

(c) Always remember to:

  • Remove the fat or skin of the poultry before eating.
  • Limit fast foods intake.
  • Take a variety of food but in small amount if dining in buffet style.
  • Control the portion size and not to overeat.
  • Choose low fat cooking methods: steam/grill/soup/broil etc.

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