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Look Great & Prevent Hair Loss in Our Tropical Humid Weather


Here is a scenario that most of us can identify with. You have recently realised that you are losing clumps of your hair in the shower and whenever you comb it. Your hair also snaps very easily. There’s also a growing bald spot around your temple area and the crown of your head. You start feeling self-conscious when facing others and have stopped taking selfies. Hair extensions and wearing hats may work to create an illusion of healthy hair but you can’t help but wonder why this is happening in the first place. And how you can make it stop.

Why Hair Loss Happens

Did you know that there are several factors that can lead to hair loss?

1. Wearing hard hats or head scarves

Sweating can be caused by wearing hard hats and head scarves. This is because when sweat gets stuck in the roots of the hair and the scalp, they tend to soften the hair follicles and thus they fall off easily while brushing the hair or during washing the hair.

2. Exercising

People who exercise often have a hard time keeping their hair from falling out because of the constant sweat. Sweat blocks your scalp’s pores and prevents them from breathing which weakens the hair roots, according to a study published in the journal Experimental Dermatology. As a result, this leads to hair loss.

3. Tying the hair too tightly

Sometimes, women with long hair can tie their hair too tightly in a ponytail while exercising. According to research, doing so over the years can loosen the hair follicles and they start to fall off thus causing baldness. This condition is known as traction alopecia.

4. Stress is very harmful to your hair!

If you are under stress for a prolonged period of time, it may lead to a general thinning of the hair strands and thinner hair tends to break off or fall off easily. Studies have shown that three types of hair loss are caused by stress, namely, hair pulling (trichotillomania), hair follicles being pushed to a resting phase (telogen effluvium) and the body’s immune system attacking the hair follicles (alopecia areata).

Stress can come from various sources such as financial issues, work, family duties and health worries. Those who are already stressed about their hair loss can experience even more hair loss. The good news is, stress and hair loss are not necessarily permanent. If you reduce your stress and opt for the proper treatment, your hair may grow back.

My Hair Raising Experience

Whenever I wash my long hair these days, I get disheartened by the amount of hair loss each time, especially when the weather is especially hot and humid. It gets worse after I work out and sweat profusely. When I run my hand through my hair or wash it, a lot of hair will fall out. It seems that the more I wash my hair, the drier it becomes, too.

Lavigato Works!

Manageable hair, thanks to Lavigato!

When I was introduced to Lavigato’s hair products, I found that I no longer need to worry because I finally found an anti-hair loss product range that actually works right from the first use!

Lavigato Awakening Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo has a luxurious and fresh scent. I pumped two dime sizes on my palm and applied it to my damp hair. It does not lather up too much as it is free from parabens and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). SLES is a surfactant and anti-foaming agent that might be linked to cancer and can irritate eyes, skin, and lungs, especially with long-term use. However, it does an amazing job of thorougly cleansing my hair, leaving it feeling clean and smelling great.


Better together ~ Lavigato Awakening Shampoo and Tonic

Better together ~ Lavigato Awakening Shampoo and Tonic

Lavigato Awakening Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo is sought after for its deep cleansing abilities. It contains ingredients such as thyme, corn gluten, and Vitamin B5 are specially formulated to revitalise and nourish the dermal papilla cells, resulting in healthy, glossy locks. It is also formulated with polygala, a herb that helps to reduce hyper-seborrhoea, and has antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-ageing effects. With frequent use, I am sure my hair would look better and stronger than ever.

After my hair is washed and towel-dried, the second step in my newfound hair care routine is to apply Lavigato Awakening Tonic, which acts to promote hair growth. It is enriched with polygala, thyme, corn gluten, and Vitamin B5. I applied it onto my scalp and gently massage it for two to three minutes. This self-pampering massage is much-needed to soothe away the stresses of the day. As you may know, stress could be one of the contributors to hair loss. The hair tonic’s scent is subtle and its light texture made it easy to be absorbed by my scalp. I also noticed that my hair loss has greatly reduced after the first use itself. This is such a wonderful surprise to me!

Lavi.Oil makes the hair silky smooth

Lavi.Oil makes the hair silky smooth

I let my hair air dry before proceeding to the third step, which is to apply a few drops of the wonderful elixir that is Lavi.Oil onto the ends of my hair where it is a bit frizzy. Lavi.OIL can also be used before blow-drying to protect your hair, prevent heat damage from blow-drying. Formulated with hair-nourishing oils like argan oil, sunflower seed oil and jojoba oil, it smells like a salon-worthy hair serum. It sinks in nicely into my hair strands, making it look silky and more manageable. Needless to say, my hair is free from tangles when I comb it and it is moisturised as well. When my hair is free from tangles, it does not break easily whenever I comb it, too.

Enjoy Your “Me-Time” with Lavigato

I must admit that I do miss my visits to the hairdresser during the lockdowns. However, Lavigato’s hair care products made it possible to have a hair pampering session right in the comfort of my home. The heavenly scent of the Lavigato Awakening Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo has a rejuvenating and relaxing effect on me. Regular use of the Awakening series is a form of routine self-care and joyful “me-time”, which reduces stress. Also, now I can look more polished and presentable during work Zoom video calls!

In conclusion, I find that Lavigato hair products will ensure that you look and feel amazing at the same time while protecting your hair. Lavigato’s products have won the Asian Pacific Top Excellence Brand, the Natural Health Award for Best Scalp & Hair Care Product and the MFMPA’s Scalp & Hair Care Product of the Year Award. With more than a decade in the market with proven results, Lavigato’s salon-quality line of shampoo, hair oil, and tonic can provide an excellent solution to people who suffer from hair loss in our hot and humid weather.

Raving Reviews

Happy Lavigato customers are raving about their products! Read their more glowing testimonials here.

1. Terence Too (Founder of Lavigato)

“I used to have a sensitive scalp and severe hair loss problem. The team and I spent years on research and development on the Lavigato scalp care series. After using it, it truly helped me and grew my hair back. I believe it will help more people in the future to regrow their hair and to enjoy the hair growth experience.”

2. Felix Lee (Hair & Scalp Expert, Art Director)

“We have helped countless customers solve their hair loss and scalp problems for more than 10 years.  It is so rewarding to hear of all our customers’ success stories with Lavigato. We have always emphasised that the process of hair growth should be enjoyable!”

3. Li Qiang (Radio DJ)

“Because of my occupation, I have to do hair styling frequently. I also used to sweat a lot, which makes my scalp red and itchy.

Fortunately, I found Lavigato and noticed an improvement in about three months.

I particularly like one of the ingredients of the product, POLYGALA, and its specially blended scent of essential oils, makes me feel relaxed whenever I take a bath.”

4. Pusparanee Manickam (Office Facilities Manager)

“After 10 years of struggling, finally I found the Lavigato range of products. After using it for one month, I can see the difference when my baby hair started to grow rapidly.”

View Puspa’s success story in the video below!

Read more glowing testimonies here.

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Enjoy hair growth at home everyday with Lavigato Hair Growth Home Therapy.

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