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Have a little Fun in the Sun

Do you remember the days you played hopscotch, hide and seek and tag outside your house? It is no doubt money can’t buy those memories. Unfortunately, fast forward to the world we live in today – children rarely get the chance to play outside of their house with their neighbours!

Indoors or outdoors?

As the years go by, more and more children enjoy playing inside their houses instead of outside. Plus, even if they do play outdoors – it is basically just them playing ‘indoor’ games while physically being outdoors.

It has been said that children these days only spend an estimated time of 30 minutes at their neighbourhood playground. They spend most of their free time at home playing video games and watching television. Therefore, it is actually no surprise that research shows the number of children going through obesity and having to get ADHD treatment is increasing by the day.

Without sweating, running, walking, climbing, jumping and doing other activities that contribute to their growth and development physically and mentally – children would go through a change in their body which would cause them stress from not connecting to the outside world.

The importance of the sun

One of the common reasons parents give for having to ‘lock’ their children up in the house is that they are protecting their child from the heat and UV rays of the sun. However, have you realised that only exposing your child to the world of technology is in a way, keeping them locked up too, when a good sunblock will allow them some fresh air!

Statistics have shown that children who are going through obesity have 33% chance of gaining their health back if given the opportunity to play outside. Outdoor activities allow your little one to be exposed to the sunlight, a source of Vitamin D for a healthier body.

Good for the brain

Exposure to nature is believed to help children fight ADHD symptoms. This also contributes to your child’s success academically, such as reading, listening, writing and doing mathematics. Studies have shown that children who spend time playing outdoors have a good critical thinking ability.

Join in on the fun

Take a stroll

In the evenings, go for a stroll with your entire family around your neighbourhood. Watch the sunset, birds flying back to their nests and just enjoy that family time together.

Play games

Badminton is a great family game. If your child shows no interest in that, play a game of ball with your little one or go cycling around your neighbourhood.

Did you know?

Vitamin D from the sun prevents your child from having bone problems, short-sightedness, heart problems and other medical issues.

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