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Lifebuoy on a nationwide quest to improve hygiene habits of Malaysians

Gearing up for this year’s Ramadan?

Unilever Malaysia’s leading hygiene liquid body wash and soap brand, Lifebuoy has embarked on a nationwide drive to amplify the importance of hygiene among Malaysians during the holy month.

Dubbed ‘Sucikan Diri dan Hati, Ramadan Ini’, the initiative comprises a series of meaningful activities to promote hygiene awareness and action. Lifebuoy has also engaged popular actor Farid Kamil, best known for his role in the recent action movie ‘J Revolusi’, to connect with Malaysians through a unique commercial. For the first time, the commercial brought the celebrity dad on screen together with his son, Che Mad as they portrayed the role of hygiene in staying germ-free and comfortable in a Ramadan setting.

Vincent Chong, Marketing Director of Unilever Malaysia said, “As Malaysia’s No.1 germ protection liquid body wash brand, we at Lifebuoy want to make a difference by continuing our commitment to improve the hygiene habits of Malaysians. More than just providing access to effective products, this initiatives takes our mission a step further as we bring across the hygiene message in an interesting format, while getting on ground to convert it into real action.”

Lifebuoy is set to travel across selected towns in Malaysia to deepen its education efforts. Throughout the month, the brand will be visiting a series of Ramadan bazaars and mosques in Johor, Terengganu, Pahang and Kedah. Various activities will be conducted, including hand wash demonstration and distribution of over 3,000 Lifebuoy care packs.

Going the extra mile, Lifebuoy is also rewarding positive hygiene habit by offering customers a chance to win RM100,000 worth of total prizes, including cash vouchers from Habib Jewels.

Hygiene, the key to protect against germs

Good hygiene practice is crucial in order to keep germs at bay, especially with the heightened exposure at crowded places. Staying on top of hygiene during Ramadan helps the Muslim community to fulfil their religious duties in good health and sustain it all through as they welcome the Hari Raya celebration.

“Personal cleanliness is the foundation in maintaining a good health and preventing germ-related diseases. A proper shower is an important hygiene routine that would also keep the body feeling comfortable,” explained Chong.

Lifebuoy’s range of products contains germ protection formula that removes 99.9% germs. The rich, creamy lather of Lifebuoy’s products leave skin feeling clean and refreshed with a pleasant scent. Available in liquid form body wash, hand wash, sanitiser and soap bar, Lifebuoy is a daily essential for every household to help Malaysians keep their hygiene in check during Ramadan.

For more information on the contest, visit www.ramadhanlifebuoy.ulmcontest.com. The commercial featuring Farid Kamil and Che Mad is available on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=byw2wwtEn28.

Want more?

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